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Your balcony is still like the traditional way to dry clothes? If so, it would be a waste of space. We all know that the current housing price is an inch of land and an inch of money, so we should make more rational use of every inch of space. Now the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will share with you a group of balcony renovation effect drawings, which is worth learning from

the effect picture of fashionable and modern balcony decoration. A simple shelf acts as a fashionable bar. Two exquisite and compact bars make your life more rich. The shelves on the wall show the wine in your home. How pleasant it is to drink your beloved here after dinner

the effect picture of rural style balcony decoration. The bamboo floor gives people a fresh and comfortable touch. A practical cabinet is built on the balcony, which can store the sundries in the home. Various green potted plants are placed on the counter top of the cabinet, giving you a vibrant home space

the balcony decoration effect drawing is very warm and generous. It is designed as a simple study, which provides you with a good place to work and study, and also makes full use of the home space to play a good decorative role

the layout of the small balcony is very interesting. The white wallpaper with brick and stone art is very harmonious with the pastoral style of the home. A comfortable single sofa, a delicate and small log tea table, and several pots of green potted plants form a fresh and elegant leisure area. Such balcony decoration renderings let you feel the comfortable life of the owner





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