What color is good for children's room decoration

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In order to exercise children's ability of independence, children can usually sleep by themselves when they are about four or five years old. The room where children sleep has a special term called children's room

in the decoration of children's room, safety should be put in the first place in the selection of materials, and environmental protection decoration materials should be selected as far as possible. In terms of color, it is better to use overall white or warm and soft colors, such as light green, lavender, orange and other bright colors. When using different color combinations, pay attention to the complementarity and contrast of colors

there are many healthy and peaceful colors used in the children's room, and the effect is very excellent. For example, blue is an ocean color and a cool color. Decorating children's rooms with it can effectively eliminate children's tension. In a dark blue environment, children's mood will be more peaceful. Therefore, a lighter blue can be used as the main tone of the room

green is also a very healthy color. Green is also a peaceful color, which is always full of vitality. When used in children's rooms, it can eliminate fatigue and certain negative emotions, and also make children's emotions more stable

the good use of color in children's room has a lot to do with the growth of children's character. For children aged 0 to 3, the use of pure color can help children understand the surrounding environment. When you are older, it is best to use different colors according to gender. Boys can use red or blue, while girls use softer pink, light blue or light green

in addition, not all colors are suitable for use in children's rooms, and excessive use of some colors will also cause adverse effects

for example, the use of black in children's room often makes people tired and depressed. The color of children's room should tend to be changeable, which is conducive to cultivating children's optimistic, naive, enterprising character and psychological quality

orange is easy for people to feel excited and energetic, but for children who are more active and energetic, orange often affects children's sleep quality, and the use of orange should be appropriately reduced in children's rooms. (related reading: what kind of paint is good for children's room)

and yellow is usually suitable for restaurants and other places, which can promote appetite, but it should not be used too much in children's room

too much red is also easy to stimulate children's emotions, often easy to feel excited, and it is easy to affect children's life rules when used in children's room





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