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Recently, when Ms. Zhang, who was in the process of decoration, went to the construction site with her friends to investigate the construction situation, she was told by her friends that the wall she removed during the decoration was a load-bearing wall and could not be removed, otherwise there would be potential safety hazards. Miss Zhang, who did not know the situation, panicked at once, contacted the supervisor for consultation, and finally rebuilt the wall under the suggestion of the supervisor, avoiding potential safety hazards

◆ insiders: more than 90% of the decoration will move the wall

Contact Manager Zhang, who is engaged in decoration engineering. After 13 years of honing, Mr. Zhang has gradually revealed the huge potential safety hazards in house decoration for us &mdash& mdash; Tear down the wall

according to Mr. Zhang, in the process of decorating the house, almost no householder is completely satisfied with the structure of the house, and metropolis requires that one wall or even several walls be demolished and modified. Some householders will require the removal of bearing walls due to lighting or space area, but this practice is very dangerous

Mr. Zhang said that there were relatively few wall changes in the decoration process of the new community. This is because most of the new residential areas are high-rise buildings. Due to the strict property management, the owners need to pay 3000 yuan in the property first when decorating the house — Decoration security fund ranging from 5000 yuan. Mr. Zhang said that after the decoration, the property will carry out the acceptance of the decoration. If there are acts of illegal wall demolition that cause potential safety hazards, the property will still require the construction party to restore the housing structure after deducting the security fund

however, for the renovation of old-fashioned houses, the demolition of walls has become a common occurrence. Almost 100 old houses have to be demolished and renovated in 99 households. Mr. Zhang said that if it weren't for the load-bearing wall, they would all demolish and transform it according to the requirements of the head of household. Some owners insisted on moving the load-bearing wall, but they were all rejected by him: it was too dangerous. If there was an accident, the consequences would be unimaginable. Those who engage in decoration understand it, but there are still individual owners who ignore life safety for the sake of beauty

◆ the damaged bearing wall will leave hidden dangers after repair.

Mr. Zhang said that the bearing wall is like a person's root bone, which shoulders the responsibility of bearing the weight of a building. If the load-bearing wall is damaged, cracks will appear in the wall, and the wall may fall off. If there is an earthquake, the building structure will be damaged, and the impact will be immeasurable. After the load-bearing wall is damaged, it can also be repaired, but at this time, the reinforcement inside is broken, and the repaired wall can only bear the weight from up and down. When a similar earthquake occurs, there is still irreparable damage to the overall load-bearing, and there is still the possibility of wall collapse. Mr. Zhang uses a mirror to describe the load-bearing wall. If the mirror is broken, it can be repaired, but the cracks in the mirror still exist, and it will never be able to return to its original condition. That's the case with the load-bearing wall. Mr. Zhang said seriously, therefore, we must be careful in the decoration process, try to remove the wall as little as possible, and don't be vicious to the load-bearing wall





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