The decoration of mosaic bathroom should also add

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Mosaic has rich colors, good water resistance, and various combinations, which can bring different styles to the bathroom. Now it has become the first choice for many people to decorate the bathroom. Consumers must grasp the overall style of home furnishing before choosing ceramic tiles. The bathroom space with mosaic has a modern sense, quiet and peaceful

style color matching and white sanitary equipment make people feel clean and tidy

first of all, it should be clear that the bathroom should give people a feeling of relaxation, tranquility and release, so the mosaic color in the space should not be too strong and jumping, otherwise it will bring emotional fluctuations and depression. Therefore, it is suggested that the mosaic tiles laid in the bathroom should choose a quiet and peaceful color matching, and the color should also be primary and secondary, so as to avoid the strong contrast color arrangement of large blocks

secondly, consumers who pay attention to style and characteristics can also try to mix and paste mosaic in multiple colors. You can spell your favorite background pattern on the wall

it is also worth noting that the size and permeability of the bathroom decide the choice of mosaic color. Generally, the bathroom with large area is suitable for the magnificent mosaic collage pattern. For example, the Striped mosaic with waterfall depth and light is very suitable for the bathroom with bright space. And the bathroom space with smaller area should choose light color matching as much as possible, so as to avoid the toilet being too crowded. At the same time, the choice of small patterns can also add some aura to the small bathroom and make up for the weakness of the relatively insufficient lighting and ventilation of the small bathroom

in addition to the color selection and style collage of mosaics, the harmonious collocation of mosaics with the ground, bathroom supplies and accessories cannot be ignored. Generally speaking, the bathroom space of dark mosaic should be matched with bathroom supplies of relaxed and bright colors. For example, it can be matched with white bathroom products, and the color of ornaments can jump relatively, which can increase the lively and flexible atmosphere in the room





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