7 key points optimize the design of the living roo

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The living room is the area with the most frequent home activities, and how to dress up this space is particularly critical. Generally speaking, the living room design has the following requirements

spacious space

in the design of the living room, it is very important to create a spacious feeling, which brings people a relaxed mood and a happy mood

space maximization

the living room is the most important public activity space in the home. Whether artificial ceiling is used or not, the height of the space must be ensured. This height means that the living room should be the one with the largest clear height in the home (except the staircase). Landscape optimization must ensure that the living room seen from which angle has aesthetic feeling, which also includes the optimization of the landscape seen from the main point of view (sofa)

the brightest lighting

the living room should be the brightest place in the whole room (whether natural lighting or artificial lighting), of course, this brightness is relative

style popularization

no matter what your personality or aesthetic characteristics are with your family members, unless you usually have no relatives and friends, you must ensure that your home style is accepted by the public. This popularity means that the design style is harmonious and relatively easy to accept

generalization of materials

in the decoration of the living room, you must ensure that the decoration materials used, especially the floor materials, can be applied to most or all family members. For example, laying too smooth bricks in the living room may cause harm to the elderly or children

traffic optimization

the layout of the living room should be the most smooth, whether it is the side through living room or the middle cross living room, we should ensure that the passage is smooth. Of course, this is when conditions permit

furniture applicability

the furniture used in the living room should consider the applicability of family activities and members. The main consideration here is the use of the elderly and children. Sometimes we have to make some concessions for their convenience




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