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Cohen's first frequency conversion automatic opening integrated stove was grandly launched

the kitchen was originally the warmest place in a family, but with the rapid development of industrialization and the continuous progress of material level, the kitchen environment has become worse and worse, and it is no longer the warm look in our memory. As an excellent professional manufacturer in the kitchen and bathroom industry, Cohen appliance has long been committed to product innovation. After continuous research and development tests, Cohen appliance recently launched the first frequency conversion automatic opening integrated stove - D21

as Cohen's first frequency conversion automatic opening integrated stove, it is equipped with a new intelligent cruise pressurization function. What is intelligent cruise pressurization? Intelligent cruise pressurization means that the normal adjustable speed of the computer board is 500-1200 rpm, but in case of oil smoke backflow, the intelligent automatic pressurization function will be turned on, with stepless speed change, and the maximum speed can reach "2150" rpm, which solves a major problem of smoke exhaust in the public flue

Cohen D21's new integrated stove not only uses 304 stainless steel in appearance design, durable bronze paint phosphating treatment, anti-corrosion and anti damp heat, but also is equipped with a bronze handle with great style and feelings, an antique rudder design knob, which is luxurious and comfortable to handle, and extremely beautiful to see. It adopts IP67 waterproof LED energy-saving lamp, which has soft light without dazzling and ensures sufficient light in the cooking area. T6 heat-treated vitrified aluminum alloy furnace head with corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and impact resistance is also used, which is durable

of course, in addition to some excellent effects such as intelligent cruise pressurization function and delayed automatic shutdown, D21 also has an independent computer board control system for the smoke machine disinfection cabinet, which ensures the normal use of various functional areas and the large space domino stainless steel basket under abnormal conditions. Compared with the Putong disinfection cabinet, the accommodation space can be increased by 25%

with people's positive response to the actions of "frequency conversion" and "energy saving", the purchase of frequency conversion kitchen appliances will also become a new trend for consumers to choose. Cohen's first frequency conversion automatic opening integrated stove D21 will lead the integrated stove industry to a new height again. It will also promote the new concept of healthy and smart kitchen life faster




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