Material selection and construction precautions of

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1. Use more artificial boards

compared with solid wood materials, the texture performance of artificial board is much more stable

when the temperature and humidity change greatly, the "deformation" of wood-based panel is much smaller than that of solid wood

2. Pay attention to details in construction

in the decoration, the key to the quality of woodwork lies in the construction, especially the details: ● all woodwork should be painted immediately after installation

this paint, called "topcoat", can protect wood products? Fumigation can also isolate water and maintain the normal moisture content of wood

● the binder shall not be mixed with water

at present, white latex is generally used as the adhesive for the joints of wood products in decoration

in order to cut corners, some workers mixed water in white latex

this reduces the strength of the binder, and wood products are prone to quality problems after absorbing moisture

● all timber shall be stored for several days

after buying the wood home, it is best to put it on the decoration site for a few days before using it




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