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A survey of DuPont company, the largest chemical industry company in the United States that can display graphics in the best scale. The code for design of floor anti micro vibration of multi-storey factory buildings gb50190 (1) 993 shows that 63% of consumers choose and buy goods according to the packaging of goods. This discovery is the famous "DuPont law". A well-designed package reflects an enterprise's marketing strategy in a materialized form. The target market, product price and distribution strategy of the enterprise are all reflected in the packaging. French sociologist Jan Baudrillard once pointed out that "if goods want to be transformed into consumer goods, they must become a sign." Modern packaging strategy is to strengthen this mark, and the means of strengthening is mainly realized through the packaging design link. Enterprises usually adopt corresponding packaging strategies according to different marketing elements. The main strategic methods include the following aspects

1 series packaging strategy

enterprise 3 The parts of the pendulum shall not be dismantled or replaced at will. The same or similar colors, patterns and arrangements shall be adopted in the packaging design of the same series of products produced by the industry, so as to highlight the unity of visual image, so as to make consumers realize that this is the product of the same enterprise, combine the product with the enterprise image, and have the feeling of being like old at first sight. This can greatly save the design and printing costs, and also save the huge publicity expenses required for the promotion of new products, which is not only conducive to the rapid opening of the product market, but also enhance the corporate image. For example, there are many instant noodle packages in the market. The packaging of the same brand is similar, but the packaging of products with different tastes is different

2 graded packaging strategy

due to the differences in consumers' economic income, consumption habits, educational level, aesthetic standard, age, etc., their demand psychology for packaging is also different. Generally speaking, people with high income and higher education, especially middle-aged and young consumers, pay more attention to the exquisite design and production, and require unique modeling, taste and personality; The low-income consumers prefer economical, simple and convenient packaging design. Therefore, enterprises develop different levels of packaging strategies according to the demand characteristics of consumers at different levels, so as to strive for consumer groups at all levels and expand market share

3 convenience packaging strategy

this is a targeted planning and design to meet the requirements of easy carrying and storage, easy opening and resealing of commodities, such as the use of portable packaging such as bag, bag, suitcase and backpack, as well as easy opening packaging such as pull ring, button, tab, roll open and tear open, so as to meet the requirements of customers and promote sales

4 supporting packaging strategy

the enterprise sells the related series of products in complete sets for the convenience of consumers. Such as travel supplies box, makeup box, traditional four treasures of study - pen, ink, paper, inkstone, etc., are packaged in sets. This packaging strategy is conducive to driving the sales of a variety of products and improving the quality of products

5 packaging strategy of complimentary items

pack complimentary items in the package to stimulate consumers' purchase desire. Gifts can be in a variety of forms, including lottery tickets, related commodities, such as complimentary washing utensils on the washing liquid packaging, or gifts irrelevant to the content of the commodity but sufficient to attract consumers. It is common for businesses to give games toys and cartoon pictures to children's food. Many children buy goods not because of the food itself but because of gifts. For example, Master Kang's instant noodles include a small tiger team whirlwind card in the package. In each package of instant noodles, there is a different whirlwind card, such as baby tiger, smart tiger, sky tiger, whirlwind tiger, warrior tiger, thunderbolt tiger, etc. Children can't put it down. They are eager to have a whole set of whirlwind cards, so they have to often buy instant noodles with such cards. For a time, Master Kang's instant noodles with different tastes entered thousands of households with various colorful whirlwind cards

6 update the packaging strategy

update the packaging, on the one hand, through improving the packaging, the goods with poor sales will be revitalized and people's desire to buy will be aroused again; On the other hand, through improvement, the commodities can adapt to market changes. It is difficult to improve the quality of some products, but if they are made consistently for several years, they are always old-fashioned, and consumers will be tired. Change the packaging frequently to bring a sense of freshness, and the sales volume may increase

7 reuse packaging strategy

reuse refers to the value of packaging reuse. It can be basically divided into two categories according to the purpose and use: one is from the perspective of recycling, such as product storage turnover boxes, beer bottles, beverage bottles, etc. reuse can significantly reduce the packaging cost, facilitate commodity turnover, and reduce environmental pollution. The other is from the perspective of consumers. After the use of commodities, their packaging can also be used for other purposes to achieve the purpose of turning waste into treasure. In addition, the corporate logo on the packaging can also play the effect of continuous publicity. This requires that the characteristics of reuse be taken into account in packaging design to ensure the possibility and convenience of reuse. For example, a porcelain vase can be used as a wine bottle. After drinking wine, it can also be used as a vase. Another example is to use plastic containers in the shape of pistols, pandas, monkeys and so on to package candy. After eating candy, its packaging can also be used as toys

8 enterprise collaborative packaging strategy

when an enterprise is exploring a new market, its popularity may not be high due to publicity and other reasons, and the required advertising investment is too large, and it is difficult to achieve immediate results. At this time, we can jointly launch new products with local enterprises with good reputation and popularity, and highlight the image of the joint enterprise in packaging design. This is a very practical and effective strategy, which is a common practice in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan. For example, Japanese electronic products were unsalable when they entered the U.S. market, and then adopted Sears' trademark to occupy the U.S. market

9 green packaging strategy

with the enhancement of consumers' awareness of environmental protection, green environmental protection has become the theme of social development, and the green concept marketing method that appears with green industry and green consumption has become the mainstream of enterprise management. Therefore, in the packaging design, it is easy to win the favor and recognition of consumers by choosing packaging materials that can be reused or recycled, easy to recycle and have no pollution to the environment. It is also conducive to environmental protection and integration with international packaging technology standards, thus bringing good prospects for the development of enterprises. For example, paper packaging is used to replace plastic bags, and soft pad paper is placed in wool clothing to replace hard liner, which not only beautifies the packaging, but also conforms to the development trend, killing two birds with one stone

comprehensive is due to its excellent waterproof performance. As mentioned above, various packaging strategies in marketing correspond to marketing factors. Its ultimate goal is to use appropriate packaging to promote products, expand the market, improve market share and achieve the marketing goal of the enterprise

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