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Expert: Discussion on the integrated management of construction hoisting machinery expert: Discussion on the integrated management of construction hoisting machinery introduction: during the Secretary General's working conference of the National Association of construction machinery management and leasing in 2013, the participants had a heated discussion on the hot spots, focus issues and issues of common concern in the industry, and the participants spoke enthusiastically to introduce their experiences Now, I will make a speech on the integrated management of construction hoisting machinery

during the working conference of the Secretary General of the National Association of construction machinery management and leasing in 2013, the participants had a heated discussion on the hot spots, focus issues and issues of common concern in the industry. The participants spoke enthusiastically, introduced their experience and offered suggestions. Now, the excerpts of the speech on the integrated management of construction and hoisting machinery are published for the readers

Lvping (Chairman of the construction machinery branch of Xiamen Construction Engineering Materials and Equipment Association):

I have just listened to the speeches made by some leaders of the construction machinery associations of various provinces and cities, which has also inspired me a lot. The work done by each provincial association is the same in actual work, although the general framework is done under the premise of the general requirements of the machinery management and leasing branch of China Construction Association, which may have different formulations. I won't tell you about the industry confirmation in Fujian Province. It has been pushed to integration. Only enterprises across provinces still need to look for the annual review of the leasing branch. In November, 2012, Fujian Provincial Department of construction required the industry to confirm that new applications would not be accepted until November, and those previously confirmed by the industry would make a transition, that is, review again. By february2013, the provincial construction department had cut off the industry confirmation and stopped the reexamination. All of them entered the integrated operation

I'd like to introduce the whole story: in September, 2011, a seminar on the industry development of Fujian construction machinery leasing enterprises was held in Xiamen, mainly some enterprises in Xiamen. We have also made some discussions in advance. There are 8 topics in total: one topic is to become bigger and stronger, and to promote the idea of the integrated management mode of installation, disassembly, repair and maintenance of construction hoisting machinery. At the meeting, some leaders from the Provincial Department of construction, the general cost station, the construction industry department, Xiamen Construction Bureau and the engineering department were invited. After it was put forward at the meeting, the provincial and municipal competent departments felt that the current leasing enterprises in Fujian were quite developed, and the total amount of equipment in the province was also quite large. In addition, Fujian has also been developing in recent years, and many high-rise buildings with more than 40 floors have been built one after another. This suggests that the original scale of enterprises is not up to the current construction scale. The province attaches great importance to this matter. Let's get a written document. In march2012, Fujian Provincial Construction Department issued a document on the implementation of integrated management of construction hoisting machinery, which stipulates the standards of integrated enterprises and requires all regions to gradually implement integrated work. Over the past year, we have also successively launched some enterprises, which have been approved and announced by the Fujian Provincial Department of construction

the practice of Xiamen is: the construction machinery branch of Xiamen Construction Engineering Materials and Equipment Association conducts a preliminary review, and then reports it to Xiamen Construction Bureau. The competent bureau reports it to the engineering management office for verification opinions, and then the leader in charge signs and seals it and sends it to the hall. Last year, Xiamen approved two projects: central construction and Compaq, both of which are large-scale

in November, 2012, the implementation of magnet scanning and visual field scanning methods was acceptable. The city issued a document "relevant provisions on strengthening the promotion of integrated enterprises", which requires local competent departments to include the three stages of integration promotion

first, it is included in the bidding. After april1,2013, for all projects subject to tendering and bidding according to law, projects of more than 30million yuan must be undertaken by integrated enterprises; After april1,2014, the whole province will apply one size fits all. Enterprises that have not entered the integrated directory cannot engage in this work. The biggest purpose of this is to require small enterprises to integrate. Now there are five small enterprises in Xiamen that can be combined freely. As shareholders, they can reduce the management cost. At present, the effect of integration is good. Our construction machinery leasing enterprises are the weakest at the construction site. This has solved two problems: first, enterprises are very competitive in market activities and press down on each other's prices. Especially in the case of a bad market, some enterprises press down their prices to 20000 yuan, including labor costs. How to do so at such a low price is certainly not enough. The integration is to improve the quality of our leasing enterprises. In fact, there is a benefit of tying up small businesses, which can stabilize market prices. Second, it involves the tax reform of leasing enterprises. If you, as a construction enterprise, only have 5 or 8 sets of equipment, who will recognize you? If you are included in the construction integration directory of the provincial department, you are a construction enterprise. Under this premise, Xiamen has taken the lead and communicated with relevant departments to change the integrated contract into a subcontracting contract for construction hoisting machinery, which is directly included in the contract filing. The tax paid in the future is the tax of the construction industry. This contract was drafted by our association and our legal adviser. The discussion draft has been sent to the enterprise. It is planned to summarize the discussion draft before the middle of this month and formally submit it to the competent authorities and relevant units for filing. We also designed a letter of intent for cooperation. The general contracting enterprise should first sign a letter of intent for cooperation with the integrated enterprise as a tender document to bid together. After winning the bid, it should sign a letter of intent with us. Once the letter of intent is signed, it will be certified and documented

secondly, through communication, it will be listed in the letter of acceptance of the bid winner together with the general contractor when winning the bid. This is because the provincial department requires an integrated enterprise. The general contractor should sign a contract with the integrated enterprise. This contract must be submitted to the cost station for filing. Before the commencement of the project, it should be filed at the cost station, and this contract should also be included in the scope of filing

the third is on-site supervision. When the supervision station conducts on-site inspection, if it is found that the equipment of the announced subcontractor is not his, but the construction unit is looking for someone else to install it, it can be ordered to remove it. Use the above three links to promote this work. The company officially entered the procedure on April 1 this year. At present, the enthusiasm of the enterprise is also very high

at present, there is a price competition, and the market is beyond our control. Since professional subcontracting is implemented, it is necessary to establish an integrity integration file. From installation to contract performance and on-site supervision, each site should evaluate the subcontracting principal, availability and service. It is hoped that the evaluation will be included in the project bidding one year later. In the future, the quality of management will be linked to the integrity system, and the level will be evaluated. What kind of bidding can be carried out at that level. Our next step is to establish a credit file, that is, credit evaluation, including performance, equipment integrity, staffing and duty performance

integration we also plan to make suggestions to the provincial department: after integration, we can't decide whether to give credit rating evaluation, how to evaluate and how to connect. However, we can provide reference materials. Large-scale enterprises are more welcome. There is also the issue of manufacturing grade. Since the market should be well controlled, I think the evaluation of equipment grade is very important; In addition, the safety performance of the tested equipment is reflected in that the first time of each inspection is unqualified, After rectification "Only qualified, there must be a problem with this equipment. Through a series of data, we can evaluate the grade of the equipment.

the next step is to consider how to achieve high quality and good price. The leasing enterprise should not say that the equipment is good. There should be something to evaluate the grade of the equipment. Then the industry association can give a guiding price, which can become the guiding basis for the enterprise to negotiate the price. The premise is that the equipment must be divided into three, six and nine grades. There is also a setting The service life of the equipment: 1 ~ 3 years, 3 ~ 6 years, 6 ~ 9 years and 9 ~ 12 years. We will calculate it based on the scrap of 12 years. The old machine and the new machine are not reasonable. As for the testing institutions, we are in charge of the site. Naturally, our responsibilities and rights are unified. We have unified the measurement certification and qualification. The qualification issued by the competent department and the measurement certification approved by the Bureau of quality and technical supervision according to the measurement Law. Testing is our last line of defense. We are also groping

zhaohuazhong (president of Jiangsu construction safety and Equipment Management Association):

in response to President Lu's speech, I would like to talk about some ideas: first, retreat. We should emancipate our minds in the work of equipment management and associations. We should not strengthen administrative supervision in our work, and do not rely on the road of qualification supervision, otherwise the previous work of our association will be wasted. Second, practical aspects. We should call for the revision of decree 166 as soon as possible, and the machinery management and leasing branch of China Construction Industry Association should be very clear about this issue, because this is the general trend. The revision of Document No. 166 itself is also to sum up experience and emancipate the mind. Now is the time. In principle, the practice of qualification management should be greatly reduced in the future. Industry associations should be encouraged to engage in industry management, and administration is just supervision. I don't agree with the integration of Fujian. Your association has strengthened its administration too much

jialicai (Chairman of machinery management and leasing branch of China Construction Industry Association):

on the issue of "integration", the earliest idea of "integration" in Guangdong is that leasing enterprises must be tied up with enterprises with disassembly and assembly qualifications, otherwise they will not be allowed to work. This is a compulsory binding by the government. The leasing enterprises in Guangdong have turned against it and want to go on strike, so it has not been implemented. At that time, all the documents were distributed, and no progress was made. At present, Xiamen and Fujian are trying to integrate disassembly, use, lease, repair and maintenance together, take the road of construction contracting, and solve the current tax rate and disassembly qualification problems of leasing enterprises. We can also try to discuss whether it is feasible. But I personally think that the way of "qualification management" will be limited in the future. At present, how to make crane leasing enterprises obtain disassembly and assembly qualification is the most important

the Ministry of housing and urban rural development has long decided on the revision of disassembly and assembly qualification, but it has not been approved for various reasons. There are three major changes in the disassembly and assembly of tower cranes: first, the number of registered capital of the grade has been increased; Second, the dunmeter number of each level has been improved; The third is to remove the requirements of the original constructor and project manager and meet the standards that the actual operators of tower crane disassembly and assembly should meet. These three points are basically changed according to the requirements of our association, and the scope of change is not as large as we originally proposed

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