Discussion on management consulting and it consult

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Discussion on management consulting and it consulting

management consulting is to ensure the rationality, scientificity and foresight of enterprise management, while it consulting is to ensure the realization of enterprise management and achieve the desired results; The results of management consultation need to be implemented by it consultation. The results of IT application can verify the results of management consultation and provide data and basis for management research; The development of management consultation promotes the perfection and progress of management system, and the relationship between the two is logic and dialectical

management consulting is broad and profound. It is very professional, far-reaching and highly complex, whether it is around the overall business operation or sub item management of the enterprise. Management consulting focuses on the research of enterprise business, the grasp of industry characteristics, the refinement of key points and difficulties of enterprise management, and provides solutions for enterprises. That is to put the theories of many management masters into the management practice of enterprises and explore more effective management methods. This is management consulting

the key to management consulting is to understand the business of the enterprise and conduct in-depth discussion. First, we should find out the problems that hinder the development of the enterprise, then analyze the causes and factors of these problems, and classify and confirm the problems. It seems simple, but the enterprise itself is often unable to analyze these problems from multiple levels, angles and interest dimensions. Therefore, management consulting needs to have a keen insight into the overall situation and micro aspects: 010 (5) 9339239 strength, analytical ability, be good at making use of consulting methods and tools, and provide suggestions for enterprises with their own experience. It also needs to make full use of the knowledge system of consulting companies to realize the rationality and feasibility of suggestions

it is difficult for a consultant without business experience or management background to act alone, just as an excellent doctor must experience clinical practice. Assuming that the enterprise has the ability to analyze and describe problems, it is much easier to solve problems. However, it is relatively easy to solve problems within the business unit or department of an enterprise, but it is difficult to solve problems between cross businesses, cross departments or cross companies (such as branches, branches, etc.). These problems have resulted in a series of problems after accumulation. When the side effects reach a certain degree, the enterprise can do nothing with its own strength, so it is expected to rely on management consulting. In the process of development, enterprises need management consulting to achieve leaps and bounds

the original demand for IT consulting originates from the application of it in some businesses of the enterprise, such as accounting, distribution management, human resource management, production management, office automation, etc. However, with the improvement of the overall management requirements of the enterprise, the scope of enterprise informatization has expanded to every business detail

in fact, the scope of IT consulting is becoming more and more extensive and complex. That's because the essence of it is technology and tools. IT consulting focuses on application. Its premise is that the business status quo of the enterprise is reasonable. If management is intangible, it makes management tangible. If it consulting and management consulting have a common difficulty, it is how to help the enterprise achieve change and breakthrough. The core is to help the enterprise improve its competitiveness, but the enterprise itself can only change and breakthrough in ideas, This ability can be brought into full play and produce value

now many enterprises have realized the internal relationship between management and it, and information planning is also being recognized by enterprises. This recognition is at the cost of a certain information failure rate and the emergence of numerous it black holes. This recognition is actually a great progress. In other words, progress needs to pay a price, because information strategy has become an indispensable part of enterprise strategy. It consulting is no longer a simple application of technology, because the management system does not reflect the advantages of technology itself, but effectively integrates enterprise management norms and industry best practices into the management system itself through industry analysis and research. Therefore, the management system itself must contain the essence of management

management consulting is not creating management, nor is it consulting creating technologies and tools. It is necessary to focus on the business of the enterprise, and talking about consulting without checking whether it has scratched the business is tantamount to a castle in the air. It consulting not only takes business informatization as the goal, but also regularly protects the equipment and pursues the best effect of enterprise informatization as the consulting goal. You can imagine: without the foundation of management, what will be the outcome of simply relying on informatization to solve enterprise management problems?! Regardless of the differences and nature of the industry, the results of IT consulting or management consulting can not be copied. More needs research and innovation, which brings infinite charm and fun to consulting. (end)

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