Discussion on organic matter detection in the hott

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Discussion on the detection of organic matter in indoor environment (VIII)

the resolution of primary thermal analyzer then add long carbon fiber to the mixture. The resolution rate is related to (4) other properties according to the resolution temperature and gas flow. In 2014, the thermal analyzer for chromatograph requires a very small gas flow of 3ml/min, and the shorter the sampling time, the better. The sampling time is determined according to the chromatographic analysis conditions. In the past, we talked about the resolution rate, but now we don't talk about the resolution rate. This is all wrong. The resolution rate is an important indicator of a primary thermal analyzer

the key is the manufacturer's explanation to the user. Due to different design instruments, there is a great difference in the current resolution rate, which is that there is a great difference in the primary thermal analyzer on the market at present. The price ranges from 5000 yuan to 20000 yuan. In terms of the development process of thermal analyzer, the development process of foreign countries is from external type to built-in type to secondary thermal desorption instrument. In recent years, indoor air pollution has been carried out in China

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