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Talking about packaging and networking

Internet is changing the world at an amazing speed. From its formal entry into people's daily life to today, it only took a few years, but its influence has penetrated into every corner of the society. Packaging is no exception and closely linked with it. The influence of network on it is far-reaching and meaningful

firstly, it greatly reduces the packaging cost of products. In the final analysis, the function of packaging is to display all aspects of product information and promote the smooth circulation of goods. Packaging plays an important role in today's personalized society. The sales and promotion of a good product largely depend on the publicity of packaging. Because packaging can play a visual effect that closely attracts consumers. Today's Internet is a huge information center, which provides a worldwide platform for product display. For most users, Internet is the largest source of information. Therefore, viewing information on the Internet is no longer a thing. Similarly, querying all aspects of commodity information on the Internet has increasingly become a habit. Choosing the goods you need at a specific station has gradually replaced the direct contact selection at the mall. It can be said that Internet provides a faster and richer introduction than directly facing the goods. At the same time, pay attention to the storage conditions

for example, if a person wants to buy a TV, he has two ways to understand the TV. One is to rush to the shopping mall to see the packaging instructions of various TV sets in the face of the scorching sun, the cold wind and the heavy rain, and listen to the endless introductions and recommendations of the promoters, but often get lost in front of the dazzling commodities. The other is sitting next to the computer, holding a cup of tea in his left hand and gently clicking the mouse in his right hand. There is no scorching sun, cold wind or heavy rain. He carefully and purposefully looks for his favorite style. Which way would you choose? There is no doubt that everyone will choose the latter. When an enterprise presents the product appearance, performance and other information in the form of a home page, the traditional packaging form has lost its previous dominant position, which can greatly save the cost of printing and paper used for packaging, and even reduce the cost of using packaging for publicity. The publicity is no longer limited by Region, and the market facing the product is the entire Internet world! Of course, the product packaging in the network also needs innovation and personalization, which comes down in one continuous line with the traditional packaging

second, the packaging in the product network makes the exchange of information more extensive and faster, and the competition between similar products is more direct and fierce. When others are choosing your products in the network, you can also view various information about similar products of other businesses and manufacturers. Which is better or worse, through analysis, can often play a guiding role in improving the overall quality of your own products and the development direction of your products. Moreover, the convergence of the network makes the market more and more transparent, and gives more and more choices to increasingly mature consumers. Therefore, we can determine that the function of the network packaging is far greater than that of the traditional packaging form. Because the network packaging is open, intuitive and comparative, it has the effect of enabling manufacturers or under specific experimental force to accurately measure the length of the Yellow bullet, constantly explore and innovate, and actively improve product quality, The traditional packaging form may only stimulate consumption. It must be pointed out that the two forms of packaging should not allow the "gold and jade outside, the corruption inside" commodities to harm everyone

third, we should all know that packaging gradually adds a function in real life, that is, anti-counterfeiting, and collateral packaging makes the anti-counterfeiting of products more scientific. The emergence of many fakes in the market and the failure of anti-counterfeiting measures have made enterprises and businesses that have suffered huge losses of interests unjustifiable. Why is this reversal of right and wrong? Enterprises spend a lot of human, material and financial resources to crack down on counterfeits through government administrative means. Due to limited resources, imperfect legal system, local protection and many other reasons, in the face of professional fraud, the action against counterfeiting is no different from a drop in the bucket, and the gains often outweigh the losses! More importantly, it does not really rely on new technology and new science to prevent counterfeiting. Select the appropriate anti-counterfeiting technology for the products, so that the enterprises can explore at the same time. Most of the numerous anti-counterfeiting technologies rely on technical barriers to deal with each type of product in a unified way. Most of them only work on product packaging, or uncover bottle caps, laser holographic labels, or watermarks and secret records, but they have long been used by counterfeiters. Paul Gallen of NCC and Christian wolfsberger of Engel spent tens of millions to introduce the top anti-counterfeiting technology of 3M company in the United States. It has been only three months. Where are the anti-counterfeiting technologies that can truly protect the products and brands of the enterprise? The anti-counterfeiting technology that enterprises can widely publicize, consumers can easily identify, and counterfeiters can not break is the pursuit that enterprises have never given up. The information-based and networked anti-counterfeiting technology has undoubtedly brought hope and light to the enterprise by mobilizing the vast number of consumers to weave a heaven and earth for the enterprise to prevent the erosion of fake and shoddy commodities and eliminate counterfeiters in the vast ocean of "people's war". In the traditional sense, it has great limitations to only use the outer packaging of products for anti-counterfeiting. Network anti-counterfeiting is a new type of digital anti-counterfeiting technology developed by summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of existing anti-counterfeiting technologies and taking advantage of modern high and new technologies such as computer network, communication, database, voice, security and cryptography. It can effectively prevent counterfeiting by combining the traditional characteristics of outer packaging. Its anti-counterfeiting principle: 1. issue the ID code for the product: 2. integrate the product ID code with the product: mark the anti-counterfeiting code on the product or its package by spraying or labeling; 3. verification of product ID code: when purchasing, consumers can enter this anti-counterfeiting code by going online or dialing the national toll free number, and the system will automatically verify the anti-counterfeiting code to identify the authenticity; 4. effectively curb large-scale commercial counterfeiting: once the anti-counterfeiting code is queried, the corresponding data will be marked with "inquired" and query times, so as to prevent the repeated use of defrosting for only 2 hours, so as to effectively curb large-scale commercial counterfeiting. Network anti-counterfeiting has great technical advantages. It is safe and reliable, easy to spread, free query and online query cover a large area, and it is fast, simple, convenient, low-cost and widely applicable. It also has great service advantages, providing accurate information, reducing the cost of cracking down on counterfeits, tracking product quality, improving service level, controlling fleeing sales, strengthening market supervision, collecting market information, optimizing marketing decisions, jointly promoting products with traditional packaging forms, and strengthening the image of the enterprise

with the rapid development of the information age, Internet will be more and more closely integrated with people's daily life. People are in contact with the Internet at a very high frequency. If businesses and enterprises really understand how to use the Internet to show themselves, they will be ahead of those enterprises that still use the traditional packaging and traditional mode to carry out self publicity after a period of time. Whoever uses new technology first will be invincible in this competitive market and seek and expand their own living space! Abandon some old ideas and backward means to adapt to the increasingly perfect interconnection of the whole world. Finally, we will see that the network packaging is better than the traditional packaging, which is a good function of "green than blue, but better than blue"

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