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Wansheng starts to build Chongqing glass Testing Center

the first automotive glass compulsory product certification laboratory in Southwest China has settled in Wansheng

in recent years, Wansheng District has firmly grasped the development opportunity, accelerated the industrial agglomeration, and large groups, enterprises, and brands have developed in a cluster

in terms of glass industry, Wansheng District, on the basis of clarifying the industrial positioning and planning, relies on favorable policy advantages, location advantages, industrial accumulation advantages and resource endowment advantages to attract investment in a layout, targeted and selective manner, pays attention to recruiting large and strong enterprises, introduces leading enterprises, forms a driving effect, enhances industrial competitiveness and sustainable development ability, and builds a new glass material industry cluster, It has attracted projects such as Fuyao Glass (Chongqing) Accessories Co., Ltd., Chongqing Wansheng Float Glass Co., Ltd. and Chongqing yaopi engineering glass Co., Ltd. to settle down, promoting the development and growth of Wansheng glass industry and activating the agglomeration effect of Wansheng glass industry

in December 2016, Chongqing glass inspection center project was settled in Wansheng. The center is not only the first designated laboratory for compulsory product certification of automotive glass in Southwest China, but also the only designated laboratory in Western China that can cover compulsory product certification of architectural glass and automotive glass at the same time. The settlement of the center marks a solid step for Wansheng District to build a new industrialization demonstration base of new glass materials in the southwest

provide authoritative certification and inspection for all products in the glass industry

Chongqing glass testing center is located near Wansheng Vocational Education Center, and is mainly responsible for the quality supervision and inspection of all products such as automotive glass, architectural glass, safety glass, special glass, Low-E low radiation glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, insulating glass, bulletproof glass, hot bending glass, bulletproof composite glass auto parts, laminated safety glass, etc New product identification inspection, entrusted inspection, arbitration inspection, 3C certification inspection

the glass testing laboratory is the core area of the center. The laboratory will be equipped with nearly 20 kinds of professional glass quality inspection and detection instruments, such as safety glass visible light transmittance meter, collimating telescope, light distortion meter, abrasion meter, haze meter, radiation resistance detector, constant temperature and humidity test chamber, headform impact tester, penetration resistance tester, impact resistance tester, fragment state exposure machine, edge stress meter, etc

at the same time, in order to ensure the authority of testing and certification, the center has initially set up a management and specific analysis and elimination technical team composed of more than 20 people. More than 85% of the team have bachelor's degree or above, including 1 doctor, 8 masters, 4 senior technical titles, 5 intermediate titles, and 6 have obtained the qualification of factory inspector of compulsory product certification (safety glass)

cultivate the "Wutong tree" of Wansheng glass industry

"with the technical support of Chongqing glass testing center, Wansheng District glass industry can realize nearby testing, and R & D products can be quickly put into the market, which will not only save R & D costs, but also boost the economic development of enterprises, and play a positive role in technological innovation and enhancing core competitiveness of enterprises." The relevant person in charge of the District Economic and Information Technology Bureau said that the completion of the center will bring a huge agglomeration effect to the glass industry in Wansheng District and realize Wansheng's "glass dream". At the same time, Wansheng District will set up a glass Research Institute, focus on building a "government, industry, University and research" collaborative innovation system, introduce more foreign enterprises to cooperate with the Institute, and more glass innovation projects will be developed and settled in Wansheng

"we should build Chongqing glass inspection center into a quality inspection service and technological innovation platform 'based on Wansheng, radiating the surrounding areas, facing the whole country and connecting with the world', and build a multi-functional, high-level technical service and R & D base that can meet various service needs of enterprises and improve their core competitiveness and sustainable development ability." The person in charge said that in the next step, the Bureau will establish cooperative relations with testing centers all over the country to realize complementary advantages and resource sharing, further improve the testing capacity, form a technical service system integrating scientific research and development, technical research, quality improvement and testing, and move towards the goal of building a national laboratory. (correspondent Xie Weiping)

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