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Chongqing green printing promotion has achieved a major breakthrough

recently, Chongqing green printing promotion has achieved a major breakthrough: Chongqing Hualin Printing Co., Ltd. has taken the lead in passing the national green printing certification, and another 7 publication printing enterprises have entered the green printing certification process

green printing certification has been carried out in China for only more than one year. Since March 2011, Chongqing Publishing Bureau has convened printing enterprises to mobilize for learning four times and organized training for key publication enterprises. Due to the high certification costs, unclear national supporting policies and related subsidies, Chongqing printing enterprises generally take a wait-and-see attitude towards the certification work. The first batch of green printing certified phalanxes do not have Chongqing printing, so as to find the deficiency of the experimental machine, so as to improve the image of enterprises with too low water absorption of one-day materials. According to the requirements of the announcement on the implementation of green printing jointly issued by the General Administration of publication and the Ministry of environmental protection, Chongqing Publishing Bureau has actively promoted a number of backbone enterprises to apply for certification first and strive for more enterprises to become green

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