Chongqing invested 34billion yuan to accelerate th

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On April 7, Chongqing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology announced that three major chemical bases, Changshou, Fuling and Wanzhou, will be completed this year, and the output value of the comprehensive chemical industry will exceed 34billion

it is reported that in 2012, Chongqing will not only focus on building 12 10 billion chemical industry chains such as MDI, forming an output value of more than 100 billion yuan, but also promote the production and production of 40 projects, accelerate the construction of 11 projects, start the construction of 8 projects, and complete the investment of 34 billion yuan. In addition, in order to build an important chemical industry town in the whole western region, our city will further do a good job in attracting investment, ensuring that the cumulative number of the world's top 500 chemical enterprises reaches 18, the number of industry leading enterprises with the world's leading level reaches 27, and the actual foreign capital reaches 230million US dollars. At the same time, we will also seize the opportunity of industrial upgrading, and build a batch of large-scale production devices with the advanced level of an internationally used experimental instrument, Establish 22 technology centers above the municipal level

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