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Chongqing enterprises are eager to promote three integration equipment, and citizens are more preferential to buy set-top boxes

our city has become the first batch of pilot cities for three integration in China, which not only attracts the attention of relevant enterprises at home and abroad, but also makes local IT enterprises in our City eager to move. Southwest Computer Co., Ltd., which has never been involved in the field of TV set-top boxes before, has also begun to work hard to develop three convergence terminals, and the relevant plans of Silian group are also being stepped up. In the future, citizens will enjoy more discounts on the consumption of three integration terminal products such as set-top boxes

Xiji develops terminal all-in-one machine

"we have successfully developed three integration terminal all-in-one machines in cooperation with Gu Shang technology and Shenzhen Aites technology. As long as the policy and market conditions are mature, they can be mass produced." Mao Qing'an, chairman of Southwest Computer Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiji), revealed that although it is still in the research and development of prototypes, Xiji has the ability to make and prepare large investments. Xiji senior officials also revealed that in addition to striving to become a three fusion terminal, the all-in-one machine can also be used simply as a computer. As a new product of Xiji's "computer to the countryside", it will be launched next year. As for the price, Mao Qingan said that new technology does not necessarily bring high prices. On the contrary, it will also reduce costs by using all-in-one machines to reduce home wiring

Silian HD chips will be launched next month.

the advantage of local enterprises that see the "cake" of Sanhe is that it is easy to operate, and it is not just a western plan. The plan of Silian group to develop Sanhe will be released in the middle of this month. Zhang Jun, chief engineer of the group, said that the HD video decoding chip developed by them has been tested to ensure that the environmental experimental equipment can meet the requirements of various technical indicators and accuracy indicators in the verification regulation, and will be mass produced next month

it is reported that at present, there is no mature product of HD video decoding chip in China, and Silian is expected to become the first manufacturer of Digital HD video chip in China. Zhang Jun introduced that at present, the price of digital standard definition set-top boxes used by most families in China is between 00 yuan and 800 yuan for the three test functions of 4 spring testing machines, while the price of high-definition set-top boxes sold in Chongqing is as high as 1999 yuan. The ex factory price of Silian chip is expected to be at least 1/3 cheaper than similar foreign products, and citizens are expected to buy cheaper HD digital terminal products

enterprises hope to break the industrial monopoly

although they are full of confidence in the development of the three integration industry, they are still worried about how to implement specific matters in the future. "According to the existing TV program operation, it is basically a monopoly of cable network. Only through it can set-top box manufacturers and content providers enter people's homes. Can we break the monopoly and let every manufacturer and supplier enter the industry more fairly?" Yesterday, a person in charge of an IT enterprise who did not want to be named left a series of questions. In his view, the three convergence is not a simple platform merger, but also a revolution in the information industry, which will definitely stimulate domestic consumption and form a new economic growth point. "I hope the final situation is to win more." The person said

Chongqing will build a three fusion laboratory

not only the enterprises are planning, but also the relevant departments of the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, the Bureau of culture, radio, film and television, etc. that need to calculate the maximum fiber stress and maximum strain are also stepping up their actions. In the middle of last month, all relevant departments and enterprises attended the three integration informatization business seminar hosted by the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology proposed to establish a three integration engineering laboratory in our city, whose members include relevant departments and enterprises, mainly to provide corresponding technical standards for the development of the three integration in our city. The person also proposed to strive to undertake national large-scale projects and build the laboratory into a national key laboratory. Chongqing Business Daily

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