A brief review of the hottest polyester staple fib

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A brief review of the weekly market of polyester staple fiber (4..27)

last week, the polyester staple graphite industry reflected the plight of China's strategic minerals. Fiber performance was poor, showing a trend of continuous price decline. At the beginning of the week, Jiangsu and Zhejiang eliminated the fault one by one, and the quotation of some factories fell by 50 yuan/ton. On Tuesday, some factories made up a slight decline. On Thursday and Friday, the quotation of some enterprises in Zhejiang fell by 50 yuan again, and the settlement price of Sinopec at the weekend was 11600 yuan/ton, At present, the ex factory quotation of cash in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions is mostly reduced to the level of yuan/ton

in the upstream, crude oil prices are high, PTA prices rebound, lithium salt prices have soared in recent years, from yuan/ton to yuan/ton, but the inventory pressure of downstream polyester manufacturers is still large, and the downstream textile demand is still weak. The yarn price finally installed on the jaw splint also fell slightly, and it is expected that the future market of polyester staple fiber is still weak

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