Thirteen healthy iron laws for the development of

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Thirteen healthy iron laws for the development of printing and packaging enterprises

there is a saying that businessmen who do not make money are immoral, which means that they hope to know how to add and subtract in the process of enterprise management and choose reasonably. It is not advisable to blindly lower prices and do harm to others but not to yourself

Article 2: improve management level, reduce inventory and rework

the orderly management of enterprises and the effective improvement of production efficiency are the good medicine for the development of enterprises to step on the right track. Compared with opening up business externally, it is less difficult to implement refined management internally and extract profits from details, thus achieving twice the result with half the effort

Article 3: expand business ideas and strive for government subsidies

the government's support for enterprises continues to increase. We should figure out the pulse of the government, adjust our own business ideas, conform to the direction of policy development, and strive for government funding. The subsidy obtained is not only net profit, but also can help enterprises rise to a higher level. Why not

Article 4: optimize the internal organization and improve the value level of the test type of employees' rubber tensile machine

are you willing to hire a group of mediocre talents or several good generals? The investment of human resources has become the biggest cost in enterprise management. Only by reasonably regulating the internal personnel structure of the enterprise, giving full play to the value of talents, and using the cost of human resources on the cutting edge, can there be sustainable development

Article 5: the equipment shall be maintained regularly to ensure the stability of the equipment

it is very important to sharpen the knife without mistaking the firewood cutter. Regular maintenance of the equipment is very important. It seems that it takes time and resources to maintain the equipment on weekdays. In fact, it saves a lot of costs for overhaul after equipment shutdown, and also avoids various costs caused by equipment problems and downtime, which can not be delivered on schedule. Only by reasonably maximizing the utilization efficiency of equipment can we promote the improvement of production efficiency

Article 6: green environmental protection means that the waw series microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine produced by genberuo instrument meets the requirements of gb/t228.1 (2) 010 standard

in the next few years, the state will continue to strengthen government constraints on green environmental protection. Therefore, choosing green printing technology is in line with the policy and direction of the state, which is the general trend. On the future development path of enterprises, low-carbon environmental protection is the king

Article 7: be flexible and meet various customer needs

enterprises should have sufficient flexibility and adaptability, which can not only meet the needs of long version business, but also adapt to the production of short version business, not only process high-quality products, but also batch production, not only complete routine business, but also process business with high added value and high delivery time. In short, meeting the diversified needs of various customers is the basic connotation of the healthy growth of enterprises

Article 8: do not blindly expand investment and production capacity

there are risks in the market, so equipment investment should be cautious. In the face of various trends of transformation and upgrading, digitization, and the calculation of various theoretical models, enterprises must keep a clear head, choose a business model that conforms to their own characteristics, choose a process that is suitable for their own planning and development, be steady and win, and avoid following the waves

Article 9: establish talent echelons and strengthen training

There is no doubt about the importance of talents. In the process of enterprise development, we should pay attention to team building, strengthen the forging of enterprise culture, condense talents, and have an echelon before there is a foundation for development

Article 10: broaden your horizons and look far

planning ahead is also very applicable to the printing industry. The operator of an enterprise must look to the future and have a long-term plan and layout for the development of the enterprise. Planning in the future, practicing at your feet, honing the craftsman spirit of the enterprise and striving for perfection can be based on the long-term and invincible

Article 11: perfect integration of interconnection and it technology

in the Internet era, the interconnection of traditional industries is imminent. If you don't consider the impact of digital technology and Internet technology on the future of enterprises, it's really out of the box. It technology and printing enterprise management software should continue to penetrate into printing enterprises. We should not be too impatient for success, nor too far away from avoidance. The future is the threshold we cannot bypass

Article 12: financial management should be controlled

in the era of tightening clothes and shrinking food, financial management is the most important key. To ensure a reasonable cash flow, we must control the accounts receivable of the enterprise within a certain reasonable range, control financial risks, and be good at managing funds. Remember, what you save is what you earn. The quality of financial management is an important standard to measure whether an enterprise develops healthily for compatibility

Article 13: the research and development of new technologies and processes is very important

innovation is integrated into the business development process of enterprises. By using the existing process, we can develop creative products, such as UV technology, cold pressing technology and other surface treatment technologies, and provide customers with different designs and products, which must have a greater chance of winning in the process of winning customers

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