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App China: trace the red footprints and present the centenary of the founding of the party

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taking the centenary of the founding of the party as an opportunity, in order to present the centenary birthday of the Communist Party of China, the Party committee of the Jiangsu Federation of overseas Chinese, the app (China) Party branch of the golden light group The theme party day activity of "looking back on the Centennial road to help the new journey" hosted by the Party branch of the Development Research Institute of Fudan University and other units was held in Nanjing today. In this heroic city with a glorious revolutionary tradition, Party members and cadres recall the glorious history and review the eventful years

today's activity made party members' representatives have a deep understanding! Learn the history of the party, know how to be grateful, solidify the original heart and start a new journey! Gather your heart and soul and forge ahead

in order to strengthen the study and education of party history, encourage overseas Chinese entrepreneurs, the masses of overseas Chinese circles and the cadres of the Federation of overseas Chinese to inherit the red gene, give play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, and serve the high-quality development in the new development stage, from June 18 to 19, 2021, the Party committee of the organ of the Federation of overseas Chinese in Jiangsu Province, the app (China) Party branch of Jinguang group, the Party branch of the Development Research Institute of Fudan University, the Party branch of the Nanjing Federation of overseas Chinese, the Party branch of the organ of the Suzhou Federation of overseas Chinese The theme party day activity of "looking back on the Centennial road to help the new journey" was held in Nanjing, which was co sponsored by the Party branch of Zhenjiang overseas Chinese Federation, jinhuasheng paper Party committee, Jindong paper Party committee, and jinhongye paper group Party branch, and organized by the joint party branch of Jiangsu overseas Chinese Merchants Association and Jiangsu Overseas Chinese public welfare foundation

the part-time deputy leader of the China Federation of overseas Chinese, electronic omnipotence, has adopted the exchange of servo electromechanical seats from the initial DC servo Electromechanical to the current one. Zhou Jiannong, chairman of the Provincial Federation of overseas Chinese and Secretary of the Party group; Zhai Jingli, executive vice president of Jiangsu Overseas Chinese Merchants Association, vice president and Party branch secretary of app (China) of Jingguang group; Zhang Yi, Secretary of the general Party branch of Fudan University think tank and executive vice president of Fudan University Development Research Institute; AI Hui, vice chairman of the Provincial Federation of overseas Chinese; Maoyinling, Secretary of the Party group of the Nanjing Federation of overseas Chinese; Shenjinhua, chairman of Suzhou Federation of overseas Chinese; Wang Yongxin, chairman of the Zhenjiang Federation of overseas Chinese, and others attended the event. More than 50 party members from the main organizer participated in the event

On the morning of the 19th, the party members who participated in the activity came to Nanjing Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery and presented flower baskets to the martyrs' monument to commemorate the immortal contributions made by the revolutionary martyrs to the founding and construction of new China. At the same time, Party members visited the Yuhuatai Martyrs Memorial Hall to review the centennial history of the party. The lofty ideals and beliefs, noble moral sentiments and the dauntless spirit of sacrifice for the people of the heroes of Yuhua have deeply educated the party representatives participating in the activities

then, Party members came to the Meiyuan New Village Memorial Hall of the CPC delegation to visit and study. Chairman Zhou Jiannong led all Party members to review the oath of joining the party. They visited the former site of the office of the CPC delegation and the Nanjing negotiation history exhibition hall of the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. The documents, historical photos and some physical objects displayed in the museum reproduced the historical facts of the CPC delegation led by general Zhou Enlai when he took out the samples immediately after the end of the experiment and conducted peace negotiations with the Kuomintang government. During the visit, Party members and comrades really felt the revolutionary spirit and patriotism of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries such as Zhou Enlai, and expressed that they would inherit the legacy of their ancestors, forge ahead and make their own contributions to the rejuvenation dream of the Chinese nation

representatives of Party members also inspected Nanjing historical landmark area and Jiangsu Overseas Chinese cultural exchange base - NIUSHOUSHAN, and listened to the relevant introduction of the historical and cultural development of NIUSHOUSHAN, as well as a series of cultural exchange activities at home and abroad since NIUSHOUSHAN was identified as "Jiangsu Overseas Chinese cultural exchange base"

this theme party day activity takes the learning and education of party history as an important opportunity to carry out party member education activities for the first time in the form of joint construction with overseas Chinese enterprises, universities and local Party organizations. It is a useful exploration to strengthen resource integration and organizational construction, innovate the working methods of party construction, and promote the in-depth integration of Party construction and business work of the Federation of overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese enterprises

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