There are wrinkles on the hottest paper or corruga

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There are wrinkles on the face paper or corrugated core paper

there are wrinkles on the corrugated core paper or face paper


the supplier's face paper in September 2016 has wrinkles

the edges of the face paper are too loose or too tight

the supplier's core paper has wrinkles

uneven humidity of the paper roll


adjust the tension, or change the face paper roll

adjust the tension, or change the face paper roll

is a necessary equipment for measuring various indicators of paper

check machine parts The levelness and parallelism of the automatic paper feeder and the paper guide roller

adjustment of the single hydraulic universal testing machine in the actual operation process, which microcomputer control messages should be paid attention to? The universal testing machine is mainly used to pick up and measure the dynamic and static mechanical properties of various material components, parts, elastomers, rubber elastomers and shock absorbers. The stretching rod of the surface machine (for old machines)

adjust the angle of the preheater

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