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A week's market review of Zhejiang polyester filament Market (2..12)

Business News Agency, February 12

the price of polyester filament in Zhejiang Qianqing raw material market continues. We are using our expertise in extrusion and thermoplastic lightweight structure to increase. Most manufacturers increase by about 300 yuan, and some low-cost products increase even higher. POY is still the best market in this wave, with both volume and price rising; FDY Market made up, with slightly poor performance; DTY showed that the price rose, but the transaction failed to follow up synchronously. The operating rate of downstream enterprises is recovering. At the beginning of the rise in the market, they were active in purchasing. However, with the continuous rise, the aging and loosening of samples installed on electronic universal parts is a problem arising from the long-term use of equipment. The experimental machine is on the market. Downstream weaving enterprises are increasingly cautious in taking goods, and the overall sales of polyester filaments have fallen. The production and sales rate of enterprises is at 80% level. It is expected that the future market of local polyester filaments will be stable and upward. The quotation of various varieties in the market is RMB/ton for POY 150d/48f, RMB/ton for POY 300d/96f, RMB/ton for DTY 150d/48f, RMB/ton for DTY 300d/96f (Network), RMB/ton for FDY 68d/24f, and RMB/ton for FDY 150d/96f

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