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Apple launched polyurethane "smart cover" for ipad2

Apple recently released a special protective cover designed for ipad2, CEO Steve Jobs said at the meeting, "we have created a special protective case for the first generation iPad, and it performed very well. But it's a pity to think that we spent so much time designing the iPad, but we have to cover it tightly. Therefore, on ipa3. Experimental result D2, we should come up with a better idea."

the new smart cover is actually not a protective sleeve, but a "smart cover", which is only used to protect the screen as a whole. Its "flipping" axis relies on magnetic adsorption on the side of the ipad2 body, which can also meet the aesthetic needs of consumers for the appearance of the product, and can be disassembled and replaced at any time. The cover can be folded as an iPad bracket. Relying on the ipad2's built-in proximity sensor, the ipad2 can be automatically activated when the cover is lifted, and automatically sleep when it is closed

Apple recently released a special protective sleeve designed for ipad2

the inner layer of the cover is made of microfiber, which can help clean the screen, and the outer layer is made of polyurethane or leather. Smartcover has 10 colors, 5 kinds of polyurethane and 5 kinds of leather. The price is $39 for polyurethane version and $69 for leather version respectively

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