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The application of automatic surface reconstruction in mold design and development (Part 2)

surfacereconstruction software provides all the flexibility and controllability required in the process of zero generation of CAD digital model after half a month of catalyst heating and reduction based on the surface digital points (coordinate points) of the physical model/sample, so that you can click "clear" to stop clearing the current force value quickly and accurately, It is embodied in the following series of characteristics

read and take a very large number of files of digital points (coordinate points) as a whole, which can exceed millions of points or more; Provide tools for detecting and digitizing point files; Generate feature (curve) lines interactively; Automatic recognition features, including sharp edges, edge crossings, slopes, etc; Automatic surface generation; Be able to test the accuracy and evaluate the quality of the reconstructed surface model; The automatic surface reconstruction function can be used together with other cad/cam software such as CATIA, Euclid, strim-- and so on

3. Application of advanced scanning technology/tools

surfacereconstruction software has the ability to process a very large number of digital points, so when measuring the physical model/sample, it is not necessary to carefully select the feature line that can describe the surface for measurement (collect the discrete coordinate points on the line) as before. It only needs to scan the whole or part of the measured object in different directions once or many times (to obtain complete data) to collect a large number of dense digital points

obviously, the application of surface reconstruction technology is closely related to scanning technology. The quality of the digital point file describing the surface data of the model directly reflects the accuracy of the reconstructed surface model

in the process of cooperating with a Japanese mold group to develop surfacerecondtruction (automatic surface reconstruction) software, it was found that in the original advanced countries, especially in Europe, some companies have developed a series of advanced scanning technologies/tools, and these tools have been matched with surfacereconstruction (automatic surface reconstruction) function, and have been successfully applied in the development of molds and related products all over the world, especially in China

experimental fixture: 3T rotating wedge tension 4 The application of reverse engineering

surfacereconstruction software is a reliable tool that has been verified by practice It is a typical example of the application of CAD software in reverse engineering. Engineering practice has proved that it is a convenient and reliable new technology

the software can process different types of digital points, whether they are manually measured low-density digital points or automatically measured millions of digital points. Once these digital points are displayed on the screen, the designer can intuitively and interactively establish the characteristic lines of the model, which are generated by the designer selecting digital points with a certain smooth accuracy. Using these curves as the boundary of the surface patch, the function software automatically generates smooth surfaces that are very close to the digitized points. Finally, the special detection function module compares the generated surface with the collected digital points

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