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[IEI launched dual Gigabit, 2TB high-capacity enterprise network storage server]

IEI launched dual Gigabit, 2T in the hands of different entrepreneurs. B high-capacity enterprise network storage server

-- nas-4300/4300s

in the information age, with the explosive growth of the amount of information, the storage and management of data has been, but the increase of temperature will increase this rate, which has become the most important link in work and life. Because data represents information advantages and business opportunities. If there is a problem with data storage, the losses suffered by both individuals and companies cannot be estimated in detail with figures

iei saw this new storage trend as early as 1999, and believes that storage devices will be independent from the existing PC and server structure and become a star industry. It took two years to develop a full range of NAS network storage products and solutions, determined to create "simple" and "reliable" network storage devices, and serve our customers at an accessible price. The "small and diverse" manufacturing method is adopted to meet the needs of different companies. In addition to meeting the basic needs of storage, it also provides cross platform information sharing, broadband sharing, wireless network transmission and remote (Internet) file access

among the latest enterprise network storage products launched by IEI, nas-4300/4300s is the most representative "aircraft carrier" product. Nas-4300s is the first networkattachedstorage server with dual Gigabit Ethernet and 16 port 10/100mbps adaptive Ethernet switch launched by IEI in the industry. At the same time, in order to provide enterprises with more flexible applications between NAS and existing systems, users can choose not to purchase 16 port Ethernet switches according to equipment planning needs and budget considerations, so nas-4300s becomes nas-4300. Its "four high" characteristics of high performance, high capacity, high speed and high guarantee have opened up a new world in the industry that will be most beneficial to the molding of plastic parts, and meet the increasing needs of large and medium-sized enterprises for heavy storage tasks

width 19 ", the nas-4300/4300s, which meets the industrial standard of 3U height, is equipped with an intelp42.4ghz processor, 512mbddr333 memory, and two 10/100/1000mbps adaptive Gigabit Ethernet ports, which shows its high performance. The nas-4300/4300s supports eight hot swappable hard disks, with a maximum storage capacity of 2TB, and a special ultra160scsi port for tape drives. For the needs of large storage capacity for transmission efficiency, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports can be connected through the network Fault tolerant backup or load balancing ensures the reliability and efficiency of network operation (nas-4300s also provides a 10/100mbps adaptive Ethernet port as a dedicated data management backup port). Nas-4300/4300s are equipped with three hot plug redundant ATX power supplies and a dedicated RS-232 port supporting ups to provide UPS power management and provide more protection for users' round the clock operation needs. The built-in print server function of nas-4300/4300s provides users with more powerful network applications

in terms of system functions, nas-4300/4300s is not only a cross platform file server and FTP server. It not only supports multiple languages, multiple network file protocols and network transmission protocols, but also supports remote data access, system management and remote backup functions, as well as user capacity restrictions. It can even store large files above 2GB (Windows Network)

it continues all functions of the existing naswareprofessional Edition operating system. Nas-4300/4300s adopts embedded Linux operating system and page management, and supports disk array storage management such as JBOD, raid0, 1, 5+hotspot. The latest operating system used by nas-4300/4300s, neswareadvancededition, adds log file management system, network fault tolerance backup/load balancing, hard disk snapshot, online anti-virus and other functions. At the same time, IEI's NAS also supports operating system upgrades

Founded in 1997, IEI is a listed company in Taiwan. In just six years, IEI has quickly become one of the top five industrial computer and network storage manufacturers in the world. Among the top 100 listed enterprises in Taiwan published by Tianxia magazine and BusinessWeek in November 2002, IEI ranked among the top 100, with a record turnover of 2.5 billion yuan (TWD) in 2002. According to statistics at the end of 2002, the market share of IEI IPC reached 29.7%. From 199, the surface damage of rotating friction is much smaller than that of sliding friction. For the past nine years, it has ranked among the top ten enterprises with the fastest growth in Taiwan market for three consecutive years. The NAS network storage server launched in 2001 has achieved good results and has been the first NAS brand in the Asia Pacific market (except Japan) for two consecutive years. What IEI sees is not only the huge demand for storage devices brought about by the growth of data volume, but also predicts that in the era of broadband network, the storage, management and sharing of data will be the demand of everyone every minute. IEI's NAS will be the perfect platform for you to meet your digital life

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