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The application of bearings in aviation, aircraft and helicopter

there are many machines now, especially some aircraft in aviation also use bearings. Now the aviation bearings need to be of very good quality, and the bearing quality is also relatively good. The control system has been basically established, especially in such cases, the jaw bearings should be replaced. The quality of jaw bearings is very good. Generally, the bearings on aircraft use imported bearings, Our domestic bearings still can't meet that quality standard. No matter what famous imported bearings are, their quality is better than that of domestic bearings. Aircraft is related to the safety of life, so the bearings with the best quality are used. Now the imported bearings are of the best quality. In particular, the quality of SKF bearings is surprisingly good. Now let's introduce the application of bearings in aviation, aircraft and helicopter

ent900 and gp7000 engines

fag is the only supplier of all jet engine bearings and a large number of components of the new Rolls Royce "trent900" engine. The engine powers Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger aircraft. Fag will provide the second generation engine of Airbus A380 in the future, that is, gp7000 jointly developed with Pratt Whitney and general electric

ent500 engine

fag aviation bearing department worked closely with Rolls Royce to develop new spindle bearings (highly integrated, using new materials) in addition to trent500 engines for Airbus A and a in a very short time

fag success factors: G aviation bearing department is an important force in developing engine bearings (spindle bearings and gearbox bearings). Ent500 engine provides extremely high power density. G's comprehensive test-bed test program has proved the reliability of high-strength spindle bearings

4000 engines

more than half of commercial airliners use Pratt Whitney engines. More than 70 airlines are confident in the reliability of the PW4000 engine. The thrust ranges from 22 to 45 tons, and almost all large aircraft are manufactured by Airbus and Boeing

Airbus: A300; A310; A330; Boeing: B747; B767; B777; MD-11

fag success factors: G aviation bearing department is the supplier of all spindle bearings of these engines. 2. In addition, FAG aviation bearing department is the approved supplier of all gearbox bearings. 3. Similarly, these bearings must meet the highest quality and reliability standards

700 engine

br700 engine integrated spindle bearing configuration: fag aviation bearing Department has developed the spindle bearing configuration for br700 engine. Developed by Rolls Royce in Germany, these engines are used in regional and business jets manufactured by Boeing, Bombardier and Gulfstream

fag success factors: 1 "Synchronous engineering technology" - carry out product development "hand in hand" with users. 2. Reduce the weight of products and the number of components and save costs through system integration. 3. The wrong interface of bearings may cause damage to the equipment; and the integrated spindle components adopt electron beam welding.

5. Joint attack fighter

fag aviation bearing department is an innovative partner of new projects. For example, in VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) joint attack fighter (Lockheed system) in the development of nozzle bearings

fag success factors: ol system: Rolls Royce 2 Propulsion system: Pratt Whitney f135/General Electric f1363 Nozzle bearing: 1200mm in diameter, high temperature bearing ring, corrosion-resistant steel, ceramic ball

korsky helibuss92

Sikorsky helicopters use fag roller bearings: fag R & D and manufacture a large number of bearings for Sikorsky helibuss92 helicopters, in which the rotor uses automatic tilter bearings

fag success factors: 1 Automatic tilter bearing design with higher efficiency and reliability 2 Double row sheet bearing (diameter: 750mm), made of high corrosion-resistant and fatigue resistant steel 3 Production of cylindrical roller bearings for helicopter transmission

7. Space propulsion unit

turbine pump bearings: fag aviation bearing department, together with NASA and Pratt Whitney, developed bearings for the main engine (liquid oxygen and hydrogen turbine pumps) of the space shuttle. The newly developed fag bearing does not need to be replaced after each launch; Success factors that can be used for multiple launches

fag: 1 Years of experience in the field of Aerospace Engineering bearings 2 Special materials prolong the service life of bearings by several times 3 Ceramic balls and rollers 4 Nitrogen alloy, stainless steel bearing ring 5 Roller bearings of self-lubricating cage


fag are used in helicopters made by Eurocopter: many helicopters made by Eurocopter are equipped with various bearings of fag

fag success factors: 1 Integrated design is bound to become the trend of China's manufacturing supply side reform, which can significantly reduce the weight. 2. Optimize the internal structure to increase reliability 3 The coating protects the product from friction corrosion 4 Wear resistant and high alloy materials are used to prolong the service life of bearings

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