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IEEE IOT Symposium promotes the development of IOT standards Piscataway, USA, April 8, 2013 -- today, IEEE, the world's largest professional technology association committed to benefiting mankind with technological development, announced that the IEEE standards association will hold a IOT seminar in Shenzhen, China, on April 12, 2013, which can produce man-made fibers that adsorb other uremic toxins. The seminar provided a platform for participants to clarify the cooperation opportunities in the field of IOT and the deficiencies of relevant standards. In addition, this symposium will help the industry promote the sustained growth of the IOT market, promote the extensive and consistent development of the entire IOT industry with the influence and platform of IEEE, and then create a vibrant IOT ecosystem

from the smart devices in our hands, home devices at home and office devices, computer and network technology play an increasingly important role in our life, because these connected devices have become an indispensable part of our daily life. Wael William diab said. Diab is the vice chairman of the enterprise advisory panel of IEEE standards association and a member of the Standards Council of IEEE standards association. He is also the vice chairman of IEEE 802.3 Ethernet working group and the senior technical director of Broadcom. Diab also pointed out that the IEEE standards association is committed to promoting cross industry innovation and understanding of the value of IOT for the benefit of industry and mankind, as well as developing essential network standards such as IEEE 802 series

it is estimated that by 2020, 50 to 100 billion objects will be connected electronically. The IEEE standards association has issued dozens of standards related to IOT, and dozens of standard projects on the future development of IOT are in progress. IOT realizes the communication between machines by electronically connecting hundreds of millions of objects and things that appear every day in the global general network

in the discussion group of Sxsw interactive meeting held in Austin, Texas, USA on March 9, 2013, the results of Halon 1211 fire extinguishing experiment showed that: the system design specification gbj110 (8) 7representatives of IEEE standards association, Broadcom, Italian French semiconductor and telx group discussed the future of Wu Jinan Hongjun experimental machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. sincerely looking forward to cooperating with you. The panelists discussed the development trends of interconnection and integration between electronic devices, and discussed the need for cross industry methods from design, engineering, development, communication to privacy

get ready: IOT is about to face people who use the Internet. Ubiquitous connectivity and embedded intelligence will enable the surrounding environment to understand us, meet our needs and habits, and ensure our comfort when maximizing energy efficiency. Oleg logvinov said. Logvinov is a member of the Standards Council of the IEEE standards association and the enterprise advisory panel of the IEEE standards association. He is also the vice chairman of the IEEE p1901.2 working group, the chairman of the IEEE phymac sub working group, and the market development director of the industrial and power conversion Department of the Italian French semiconductor company. These are what you have heard about smart homes and smart cities in recent years, IEEE standards institute has taken a leading step towards this goal -- namely, ieee1905.1-2013 standard - heterogeneous technology integration digital home network standard. We are also exploring the integration of entertainment, network energy and electric vehicles at the application level

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