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Application of automotive active and passive safety technology in the new century

I. active safety system

active safety system refers to the safety system that avoids accidents by taking precautions in advance. It is expected to reduce casualties in traffic accidents in the most thorough way, and it is also the key research area of vehicle safety in the new century

significance of new technology adopted by eyecar concept car:

it can make each driver's eyes at the same relative height, ensure to provide an obstacle free vision and the best visibility to the road and the surrounding environment, and provide a specific driving environment

these new technologies are: eye position sensor, which can measure the position of the driver's eyes, and then the computer can determine and adjust the position of the seat accordingly. Under the instruction of the computer, the motor automatically lifts the seat to the best height, providing the driver with the best line of sight to master the road conditions. At the same time, the motor will automatically adjust the steering wheel, pedals, central console and even the floor height to provide the most comfortable driving position

rearranged B-pillar (middle pillar) to reduce the "blind area" in the driver's field of vision; At the same time, the improvement of the B-pillar structure helps to divert the impact force from the passengers, so as to improve the level of crash safety

significance of the new technology adopted by camcar concept car:

aims to help improve the driver's perception ability. It consists of a number of pencil sized cameras and three switchable video displays to provide unprecedented front and rear vision for drivers, which can not only facilitate parking operations, but also improve driving safety in crowded traffic

these new technologies are: the forward camera system installed on both sides of the car enables the driver to bypass the large vehicle and see the car or pedestrian in the hiding place in advance. When turning left on a crowded road, it is more convenient to know the opposite vehicle

install a rear-view camera to provide enhanced side view. The coverage of the camera is wider than that of the traditional rearview mirror, especially for the adjacent lanes

the four micro cameras installed in the fan-shaped arrangement at the rear of the car can obtain the panoramic field of view behind the car. The image is electronically synthesized and has the ability of zoom and 180 degree wide angle

"Night Eye" camera can work when the car is in reverse gear under low illumination conditions, and can provide detailed images in close range behind the car even in near darkness

626 new technical significance of sensorcar concept car:

the collision warning system technology adopted is mainly to reduce the accidents of chasing and injuring pedestrians, which is of great significance for making progress in accident prevention in the future

these new technologies are: the lidar device installed on the front face grille monitors the actions of pedestrians in front of the car. If someone enters the driving route of the car, it will light up the warning light on the dashboard, so that the front speaker will send a sound, or even sound the horn

the sensor in the rear bumper monitors the traffic flow behind, and the computer program determines whether there is a possibility of collision. When the rear end collision is about to occur, the rear end warning system starts the electric belt tensioner to automatically tighten the safety belt, so as to minimize the risk of injury to the passengers wearing the safety belt

second, passive safety system

passive safety system refers to the safety system that minimizes damage after a traffic accident, including the protection of passengers and pedestrians

through continuous innovation, Ford has introduced advanced passenger restraint system and airbag technology, and has always been in the leading position in passenger protection. New manufacturing and assembly technologies are making light weight used for high precision; The mass production of cheap materials in the latter is becoming more and more feasible. Weight reduction not only has potential environmental benefits, but also is of great significance to improve safety

in terms of airbag, traditionally it can only protect the passengers in the car. Cars in the new century will pay more attention to the integration of people, cars and the environment, so the safety protection of pedestrians will also become one of the factors that car designers consider. Researchers from Ford Motor Company are discussing several schemes of external airbag

1. After being excited by the impact sensor, the hood wide airbag will expand along the shape of the hood above the bumper. It mainly provides abdominal and hip protection for medium and high build adults in collisions, as well as head and chest protection for children and short build adults

2. In some types of collisions, such as car side collision, the side airbag of the hood can also provide protection for the passengers in other cars

3. After being excited by the impact sensor, the separate front wall airbag system will expand in the front area of the bottom of the windshield between the left and right A-pillars, covering the "hard points" of the car in this part, including the wiper and the lower part of the A-pillar, so as to improve the protection of the head

4. Using aluminum and lighter materials to provide the same structural strength may achieve good results in improving fuel economy and safety protection by reducing vehicle weight

in terms of personal safety protection, Ford Motor Company also has its own characteristics, which is Ford's rescue car technology

rescuecar technology can automatically call the rescue center immediately after a serious car collision, report the accurate position of the car based on global satellite positioning data, and the pointer shaft bearing after the car collision requires a high agility attitude (whether it is upside down or rollover), and make sure that the power supply is disconnected on the way to the scene to forward important information about the body of the wounded. The securecar technology of Volvo S80 can detect the tiny vibration and weak carbon dioxide in the car, and can detect whether there are people in the car or luggage compartment, so as to prevent children from being trapped inside


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