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IFLYTEK renpingping talks about the original intention of the big data Summit on artificial intelligence and education: let children better adapt to the development of the times

in May this year, the International Conference on artificial intelligence and education was held in Beijing, at which the Beijing consensus was reached. It is necessary to use artificial intelligence to speed up the construction of an open and flexible education system to ensure that everyone can enjoy high-quality education and learning opportunities

according to renpingping, vice president of iFLYTEK education group, this conference mainly focuses on three levels: what role does AI technology play in the future education and teaching process? In the era of artificial intelligence, how to train talents? How to avoid the safety ethics problems accompanying the application of artificial intelligence technology

this August, the artificial intelligence and education big data summit 2019 will be held at the Beijing International Conference Center. Industry bigwigs, experts and scholars will be invited to discuss the cross-border integration and innovative development of a.i.+ education around three levels

in 2019, as leaders reiterated in the government work report that they should "develop more equitable and quality education", promoting education balance has once again become the focus of educators

"when AI meets education, people will naturally ask: what role will AI technology play in the future education and teaching process?" Ren Pingping said, "there is no doubt that promoting the balanced development of education quality will be an important direction."

as early as 2017, the Ministry of Education issued the supervision and evaluation measures for the high-quality and balanced development of county compulsory education. After two years, although the uneven distribution of educational resources has improved, the voice of "not suffering from oligopoly but from inequality" still rings out from time to time in the current field of education

in Xiamen, Fujian Province, a set of "old and small" school district houses in the 1980s on the island, with a unit price of more than 60000 yuan per square meter. In order to enjoy high-quality educational resources, parents outside the island rushed to send their children to study on the island. While children in cities are preparing for 985, 211, and even top5 and TOP10 of overseas universities, middle schools in many poor areas are only single digits admitted to key universities. The unbalanced allocation of regional and inter school educational resources is seriously affecting educational equity

"at present, the Ministry of education is following the following specific requirements: continue to pay attention to the balance of education quality in regions and schools, which is also the focus of AI technology," Ren Pingping said that during this year's AI and education big data summit, experts and scholars from the field of AI and education will offer suggestions to explore how to take advantage of the bridge between AI and big data, Realize the two-way link between developed and weak areas of education, and help the education gap between regions, urban and rural areas, and between schools continue to narrow

a.i. how to cultivate talents in the era? Comprehensive quality is the key

this AI and education big data summit brings together industry bigwigs, from top AI scientists to big data mining experts, from educators, education quality monitoring experts to outstanding talents in the industry. Experts, scholars and enterprise representatives from different fields will put aside the symbols of their roles and jointly focus on the core issue of education

"at present, AI is showing a trend of rapid development, but how to achieve the deep integration of AI technology and education and teaching still needs to be explored in four years," Ren Pingping explained, "After all, artificial intelligence and education are two different professional directions, and both have their own development laws. To give full play to the advantages of artificial intelligence and promote educational reform and innovation, we need the cross-border integration, CO creation and sharing of experts in various industries."

Ren Pingping gives a simple example: with the continuous promotion of the reform of the new college entrance examination, the proportion of comprehensive quality is increasing, and the voice for realizing the all-round development of students' morality, intelligence, physical fitness, art and labor is also rising

"but there are preconditions for the improvement of comprehensive literacy. If children devote a lot of time and energy to their studies, how can they develop their comprehensive literacy?" Ren Pingping said that this involves the issue of how to cultivate young talents in the era of artificial intelligence

Confucius proposed to teach students in accordance with their aptitude more than 2000 years ago, but there has been no final conclusion on how to implement the idea of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. In the era of artificial intelligence, this concept has been given new momentum. "Teaching students according to their aptitude first needs to understand each child's strengths and weaknesses, form a personal growth trajectory and knowledge map, and then target the right medicine. In this process, it may involve brain science, cognitive diagnosis, process data and a series of disciplines, which are the thinking and Enlightenment of this summit to the industry."

talking about the impact of this summit on the general public, Ren Pingping said that only by getting close to AI and seeing the future development trend of AI, can our children clearly know what kind of ability they need to adapt to the development of the times

pan Ziqi, the school bully of Beijing NO.4 middle school, is such a student with foresight. Looking at her resume alone, this is a typical "child of another family": in March 2018, pan Ziqi won the "2019 Beijing Youth Science and technology innovation mayor Award" and the third prize of the 69th Intel International Science and engineering Grand Prix "Energy Chemistry"; In 2019, pan Ziqi scored 698 points in the Beijing college entrance examination, and has been admitted to Tsinghua University

Pan Ziqi, a student of Beijing NO.4 middle school, has a clear plan for her future life path. She chose the computer major, "because computers are the basis of today's scientific development, many disciplines need to be integrated with computer knowledge to achieve better development, such as using computer programs and algorithms as tools to achieve more ambitious goals."

as an important branch and ultimate application of computer science, one of the cores of artificial intelligence is algorithm. Panziqi, who has just left the high school campus, may not have had time to get in-depth contact with artificial intelligence, but her Anyang's choice of how to integrate resources among production enterprises, steel enterprises and trading enterprises has virtually conformed to the general trend of the development of the times

however, in Pan Ziqi's view, this is just a natural result, because she was influenced by her parents who worked in the University since childhood, and her daily life was influenced by her, and her interest and love for computers have been internalized in her heart

then, how do those families who have no chance to contact artificial intelligence adapt to the development of the times

"this is one of the original intentions of holding the AI and education big data summit," Ren Pingping said. For talent training in the era of AI, on the one hand, maker education and steam education are taken into account by more and more schools. On the other hand, how to integrate the concept and method of AI into college and primary and secondary education is also one of the important topics of the 0.01Hz summit

"times are changing, technology is changing, and education can't be complacent," said Ren Pingping with a smile. Teaching students according to their aptitude to achieve their dreams is not only a concept and a slogan, but also the goal of iFLYTEK's practice

iFLYTEK education has never changed in the past 15 years

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