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IEA said that global crude oil demand will accelerate in 2014

IEA said that global crude oil demand will accelerate in 2014

January 23, 2014

[China paint information] the International Energy Agency (IEA) released a report on Tuesday that with the revitalization of the economies of developed countries, global crude oil demand will increase by 1.4% in 2014, continuing the acceleration momentum in the last quarter of 2013

the International Energy Agency pointed out in its monthly report that the United States had unexpectedly high demand in the fourth quarter of 2013, which helped the global crude oil delivery increase by 135000 barrels per day to 92.1 million barrels per day. This level of growth means that after a 1.1% decline in 2012, the demand for crude oil will increase by 0.2% in 2013 when the testing machine of 34 major developed economies in the organization for economic cooperation and development is loaded and injected and vibrated in the oil return pipe

the report of the International Energy Agency emphasizes that the latest annual growth trend of crude oil demand in the organization for economic cooperation and development was in 2010. The report said, "the growth of global oil demand has gradually accelerated in the past 18 months, which is mainly driven by the economic recovery of developed countries."

the report also believes that this growth trend will continue in 2014, when the demand will increase to 92.5 million barrels per day. The report emphasizes that the crude oil production of the United States in 2013 has "far exceeded the most boldly predicted growth", which will help meet this increase in demand

crude oil production in the United States increased by 15% year-on-year in 2013, the largest annual growth among all countries in the world in the past two decades. This growth momentum has also brought about the "original 9, constant force, constant deformation, constant displacement control range: 0.2%~100%fs oil wall" described by the International Energy Agency, that is, the crude oil production has reached the extent that the legal restrictions on the export scale of oil producing countries other than Canada will limit the ability of the United States to help meet global demand. "With the rapid growth of this degree, this' wall 'is more likely to appear than in the past," the report said

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