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IEI participated in the 8th Asia Pacific Electronics Industry (Suzhou) exhibition in 2007, and its performance does not only refer to the linear speed meeting

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the electronic industry is facing many new development opportunities. First, experimental operators should not touch the country casually. In order to improve and strengthen macro-control means, the country is speeding up the construction of economic information system; second, all walks of life have shown great enthusiasm for the application of electronic information technology to transform traditional industries; third, the national economy and social life have an increasing demand for all kinds of electronic products, especially electronic information products, for The electronic industry provides a broad market; Fourth, many multinational companies are optimistic about the Chinese market and have come to invest. Joint ventures and cooperation in the electronics industry are unprecedented. Generally speaking, the whole society is calling for informatization, which will have a great impact on the development of China's electronic industry. This is both an opportunity and a challenge. Grasping the service life of the tension machine also consumes quickly. These opportunities are the key to the accelerated development of the electronic industry. At the same time, the development of high and new technology lags behind seriously because of heavy import and light independent development. The situation of relying on imports and being controlled by others has not changed, and it is difficult to support the rapid development of high-tech industries such as computers and communications. As a professional industrial computer supplier, Weiqiang Industrial Computer Co., Ltd. is concerned about the informatization of the electronic industry, accelerating the flow of information related to the electronic industry, improving the communication level, and providing industrial grade products with high reliability

in order to expand business opportunities in East China, Weiqiang Industrial Computer Co., Ltd. serves more local enterprises in East China to apply industrial computers and establish a perfect platform for the electronic industry, From March 14 (2) to March 16 (5) 2007, he participated in the 8th Asia Pacific Electronic Industry (Suzhou) exhibition with the gold medal agent Shanghai weixingda. Therefore, the structural properties of components made of fiber reinforced composites are determined by the properties of fibers rather than resins

in the 8th Asia Pacific Electronic Industry (Suzhou) Exhibition 2007, Weiqiang will display the latest single board computers and embedded motherboards, power modules, and industrial liquid displays that comply with the EU ROHS directive. In terms of systems, it will also display embedded systems, especially the most advanced multimedia advertising player ndsp-500, which was launched in 2006, Come to Weiqiang's booth for a walk, and you will have the opportunity to contact Weiqiang's latest industrial grade solutions at the first time, and exchange experience with Weiqiang product experts, so that Weiqiang's continuous innovative products and considerate oem/odm service content will lead you to an all inclusive application example of industrial computers

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about IEI

Weiqiang is not only in the leading position in Taiwan's industrial computer industry, but also one of the world's major industrial computer manufacturers. Since its establishment in 1997, Weiqiang adheres to the customer-oriented development concept and has gained a high reputation in technology development, product design, customized products, business marketing and customer service

in the past few years of rapid development, Weiqiang has successfully launched more than 1000 products, including network storage devices, network multimedia devices, network security devices, single board computers, servers, workstations, industrial computer chassis, LCD computers, flash disk drives, PC/104 products, power supplies, backplanes and other products. Weiqiang's products can be applied in many computer related fields, such as factory automation, medical equipment, POS (point of sale) system, network application, security system, national defense technology, GPS global positioning system, automatic toll collection device, police equipment, transportation equipment, UAV room, base station and CTI (network communication integration) system, etc. In addition, Weiqiang has successfully imported integrated Oracle, PDM, ERP, SCM and notes systems, which not only improves the work efficiency of employees, but also provides the best customer service system for global consumers

looking forward to the future, Weiqiang will continue to focus on the improvement of R & D and manufacturing technology, with the long-term goal of being the best partner of relevant partners

about Shanghai weixingda

at present, Shanghai weixingda is a class a distributor of Taiwan Weida power, and comprehensively acts as an agent for more than 600 kinds of industrial control and network storage products of Weida power. The product applications cover most fields, including: power, finance, education, transportation, communications, energy, precision processing, factory automation, security, network applications, medical and other industries, mainly including various single board computers, tablet computers, integrated workstations Industrial chassis, industrial power supply, industrial passive backplane, network video products, computer switchers, etc

weixingda has a group of experienced and enterprising excellent R & D and marketing teams, keenly tracking the development of science and technology and market demand, and timely launching new products that meet the needs of customers. We not only provide customers with overall solutions and technical support, but also provide customers with various customized products by adopting the internationally accepted oem/odm service mode according to their special needs

weixingda strives to "respect customers, innovate in science and technology, and take root in China", so as to achieve the common development and progress of users and enterprises

address: 7a1 (200232), No. 585, Longhua West Road, Shanghai


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