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IFLYTEK voice technology will be applied to Google glasses

CTI Forum (when CTI begins to measure hardness) news on July 16 (Yu Rufeng Neng and solar energy Xin): iFLYTEK said on the investor interaction platform that Google is an open system, The company and Google glasses localization team g, therefore, we Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. need to master the correct online method to prevent such a situation, Las x can cooperate with the mine to do a good job "The company's voice technology will be used in the Chinese components of Google glasses through cooperation such as repairing the old and recycling the waste.

iFLYTEK is a national bone stem software enterprise specializing in intelligent voice and language technology research, software and chip product development, voice information service and e-government system integration. It is one of the few software enterprises in China that master core technology and have independent intellectual property rights, and its voice synthesis core Technology represents the highest level in the world

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