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IFLYTEK: the digital wave is coming, A.I. reshaping the value chain of the insurance industry

2021 Peking University Innovation Review innovation leads digital intelligence to change the insurance digital economy forum was held at Boya International Hotel, Peking University on June 10. This forum focuses on the development mode driven by the insurance industry and scientific and technological innovation, and focuses on the promotion and transformation of the market value of digital and intelligent technology for the insurance industry. Domestic insurance enterprises and technology enterprises, which are representative of the industry, gathered together with 100 professional guests

professor dongzhiyong, assistant to the president of Peking University, chief of general affairs and Dean of the school of economics, addressed the conference. He said that on the occasion of the centenary birthday of the party, it is of great significance for professionals from the insurance and scientific and technological circles to gather together to discuss cross-border integration; In the face of the surging development of the digital wave, where the financial sector, including the insurance sector, should go next is worthy of in-depth consideration by the industry

this forum invited guests such as Shang Jingguo, member of the Party committee and Secretary General of the China Insurance Industry Association, Chen Wei, vice president and CIO of Taikang, Xu Song, assistant general manager and CIO of United life insurance, Ding Rui, assistant general manager of the financial technology center of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Xie Fei, vice president of iFLYTEK and general manager of Intelligent Services Division of University of science and technology, to focus on the transformation of the digitalization ability of the insurance industry, Deeply understand the opportunities and challenges that digital technology brings to the development of the insurance industry

among them, iFLYTEK materials has different mechanical actions and failure phenomena. Xie Fei, vice president of iFLYTEK and general manager of Intelligent Services Division, was invited to share the theme of systematic innovation driven intelligent application of insurance technology, and deeply analyzed the application of AI intelligence in many fields, such as marketing and customer acquisition of financial institutions, customer service, operation risk control, management training, etc, It is pointed out that when the technology is developed towards the deep base with HT20 (4) 0 gray cast iron, the innovation of the bottom layer of the foundation is most needed. The digital transformation of the insurance industry should adhere to the construction of systematic innovation, seek breakthroughs in application scenarios, and be oriented by clear business demands

Technology Summit: A.I. technological innovation is in the ascendant

for iFLYTEK, the next five years will be systematic innovation. We think there are three factors from AI scenario to systematic innovation. The first factor is to cross the gap with a single point of core technology; The second core point is the integration ability of key technologies in the innovation chain. In fact, it is very difficult to do the algorithm of A.I. origin in the opening and construction of many systematic end-to-end business scenarios. This process involves the ability of traditional integrators, our own business planning ability, and even the problem of what kind of mechanism drives it, which can make our planning land; The third point is the insight and analysis ability of major systematic propositions. Xie Fei introduced the four key innovations of iFLYTEK to the guests, and made it clear that in the era of artificial intelligence 2.0, what is needed to solve major propositions in social development is systematic innovation ability

from listening to understanding and thinking, iFLYTEK has promoted milestones in the history of AI development. After 22 years of establishment, iFLYTEK has to make breakthroughs and open up positions in one new technology field after another, constantly explore in the technology no man's land, and form a unique core competitiveness through systematic innovation, so as to achieve overall innovation in the strategic base and form its own industry brand advantage

application site: A.I. enabling insurance technology application

with the update and iteration of A.I. technology, iFLYTEK has also brought intelligent financial solutions to the insurance industry, enabling the application of insurance technology and reshaping the insurance value chain

in terms of a.i.+ customer service, take AI midrange as the core and data operation platform as the starting point to build a full closed-loop customer service system integrating intelligent application, data analysis and training optimization. Taking the application of intelligent navigation scenarios with thousands of people and thousands of faces as an example, the user portrait business accounted for 57.02%, the average number of navigation interactions of incoming calls decreased from 1.8 to 1.3, and the single interaction resolution rate increased from 23% to 53%

the second scenario shared with you is the application of voiceprint technology. Voiceprint technology has different application scenarios. We divide it into fixed text, that is, the password you speak is the same as the password you verify; The second is digital password, because it is semi text related, which can verify the recording; The third technology is called free speaking, which has no requirements for voice text content. As long as the speaking time meets the requirements, it has a wide range of application scenarios in customer service, claim settlement, credit review and other businesses. Xie Fei introduced to the guests that AI voiceprint recognition has become one of the major innovative practices in the application of intelligent technology in the current financial field because of its function of recognizing people by hearing voices

at present, the whole process of auto insurance claims basically depends on offline services, and it is difficult to verify the true identity, which has become a high incidence of identity fraud. In the anti fraud of automobile insurance, iFLYTEK cooperated fully with a provincial insurance company this month, bumping and clustering all the voice of the reporting system to find suspected cases, and successfully confirmed that 88 of the 104 suspected cases were fraud cases, involving an amount of more than 8.6 million yuan

in terms of insurance credit business, iFLYTEK cooperated with the credit business department of an insurance company to conduct voiceprint comparison of all call recordings during loan review nationwide, and found that loans with different identities became the biggest risk. Since September 2020, the application of voiceprint technology has blocked risk loans of more than 40million yuan, and the monthly average blocked risk loans of more than 5million yuan

in the field of insurance marketing and customer acquisition, intelligent voice + semantics go deep into the telemarketing application scenario. IFLYTEK intelligent outbound robot can introduce health insurance business and screen customers' intentions, manually cooperate to follow up intended customers, and the man-machine coupling mechanism can effectively replace 90% of invalid call tasks, significantly improving the performance of manual marketing seats; Based on A.I. + big data + iFLYTEK medical, it provides a full link product system of accurate customer acquisition before insurance, intelligent underwriting in insurance, intelligent claim settlement after insurance + health service management to improve operational efficiency and efficiency. With the empowerment of A.I. technology, Huimin insurance Anhui Huibao promoted the hybrid marketing mode of online and offline collaborative linkage, as well as the intelligent business process based on A.I. the total number of insured people exceeded 2.3 million 100 days after the launch, and the peak number of insured people per day reached 180000

at this forum, the government, industry, University and Research Institute gathered to discuss the growth opportunities and strategic position of the insurance industry in the digital wave, discuss the development path of innovation and technology integration of the insurance industry from the top-level perspective, lead the development of the digital economy of China's insurance industry, jointly cultivate the insurance industry with more digital innovation capabilities, and provide industry reference and value reference for the innovation and development of the insurance industry in the future

the data in the article is used to find out where the manufacturing industry will face in the future. We focus on recommending an important opportunity source on the side of this cold and hot shock experimental machine: the actual operation data of the intelligent service financial business line project

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