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IFLYTEK intelligent voice technology helped hammer debut

hammer technology new product conference was held at the National Conference Center at 19:40 p.m. on May 20. At this conference, hammer launched its first smart smartisan T1. 20 with iFLYTEK's world leading intelligent voice technology, smartisan T1 has realized voice search, voice input and other characteristic functions, which will provide users with a more convenient, natural and fashionable intelligent application experience. At the press conference, Luo Yonghao, founder of hammer technology, thanked iFLYTEK for providing voice technology support

smartisan T1 has the function of voice search, which can directly search service information such as songs, weather, trains, flights, etc. For example, the user said to: the song I want to listen to. Through speech recognition and natural language understanding, the system will soon carry out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation from the top or top to find and play the song to users; Users can also check whether the connector of the oil circuit system is tightened to input text messages through voice. For example, if you input text messages or even long e-mails, just talk to each other, and the voice can become text, which is convenient and fast

as a leader in China's voice industry, iFLYTEK's current application cooperation has comprehensively covered Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Jinli, Coolpad, HTC, oppo, Bubu and other major domestic smart brands. With the popularity of mobile Internet and the development of wearable devices, intelligent voice technology has become a must for the entire it Internet industry. In the future, there will be more factories to build capacity

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