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Some of us will think that this is only the function of storing clothes, but this is not the case. The mirror can also be installed on the wardrobe, and the effect is also very good after the installation. This kind of installation design is also liked by many people, and their combination has unexpected beauty. Now let's take a look at the design of the wardrobe and the precautions for using the wardrobe

wardrobe design

1. The design style of the wardrobe has many styles. Generally, the wardrobe is installed on the outside of the wardrobe door. The design process needs to pay attention to beauty, and the installation method is very simple. As long as you choose a good size and style of the wardrobe, and then fix it on the wardrobe. Some people also install the dressing mirror inside the wardrobe. The mirror is at a 90 degree right angle to the back plate. The user also needs to turn 90 degrees to face the mirror, which is a little inconvenient in the process of use

2. There is also a design type of dressing mirror wardrobe, which is push-pull mirror. Generally, this style of push-pull wardrobe will be installed on the inner side of the cabinet long ago. When it is not used, it will stick to the side plate and will not occupy the space of the wardrobe. When using, pull out the fitting mirror along the guide rail, and then rotate it 90 degrees, parallel to the back plate, directly facing the user. The operation is simple, convenient and fast

3. There is also a folding dressing mirror. The design of this kind of dressing mirror wardrobe is very fashionable and the use is very simple. It is installed inside the wardrobe, but the size of the mirror is easily limited by the size of the wardrobe. For some consumers who prefer large dressing glasses, they can choose to fold them. The installation of folding dressing glasses is the same as that of push-pull wardrobe dressing glasses, which are rotated after being pulled out. The only difference is that the folding clothes mirror can be opened, which increases the mirror area and covers a wider area

precautions for using the dressing mirror wardrobe

1. The dressing mirror wardrobe brings us a lot of convenience in our personal appearance and appearance in life. It can also meet the needs of storing clothes, and also plays a certain decorative role indoors. However, some matters need to be paid attention to in the design of wardrobe and dressing mirror to avoid bringing trouble to life. The design of the wardrobe mirror should not be directly facing the bed, because people are not fully awake when they wake up in sleep, and they are easy to be startled by the shadow reflected in the wardrobe mirror

2. Therefore, when placing the dressing mirror cabinet, we can place it side by side with the head of the bed, or directly install the dressing mirror inside the cabinet. The design process of wardrobe and dressing glasses should not be designed on both sides of the bed. Large dressing glasses are easy to reflect light and irradiate people. Too strong light is easy to make people irritable, leading to insomnia, dreams and affecting the quality of sleep. The design of the wardrobe mirror can't directly face the gate entrance, which will make guests unfamiliar with the environment feel that someone comes out of the mirror, causing guests to be frightened

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