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The whole house decoration is an overall solution that provides consumers with worry free home decoration from design to product implementation through the overall solution of decoration + core products + high-quality installation + after-sales service of the system. As one of the core materials of the whole house decoration, the overall background wallboard is also the creator of the future business model of the rapid whole house decoration. Because the overall background wallboard has many characteristics, such as environmental protection, convenient installation, beauty and so on, it has become the preferred material for the prefabricated decoration of the rapid whole house decoration, which is highly recommended by the new generation of designers

today, we will talk about the advantages of the whole house integrated background wallboard in the prefabricated decoration from the following points:

1: environmental protection

the overall background wallboard is customized from the factory. In the production process, the solid wood wallboard itself is an environmental friendly and healthy material, so the formaldehyde emission can meet the national standard when installed in the consumer's home

2: customized

the overall background wallboard can customize the length of the product according to the height and shape size of the house, which is conducive to consumers to reduce unnecessary waste

3: diversified styles

the overall background wallboard product itself can boldly make some shapes, and can make a combination of rich elements such as colors and customized paintings on the product, so as to make the home decoration more beautiful

4: the construction period is short

the traditional home decoration integration requires a period of at least 3 months, while the overall background wallboard on the wall surface from design to construction does not exceed 2 days, and you can move in after assembly

5: product integration scheme

the overall background wall panel integrates the background wall elements such as soft and hard bags, embroidery, wallpaper and wall cloth, imitation hand painting, so as to organically integrate various elements, better match them together, form a new aesthetic feeling, and integrate all the background wall elements on the market

6: long life and easy to clean

the overall background wallboard has excellent performance of moisture-proof and waterproof, completely overturning the short board of traditional decoration paint and wallpaper

with the vigorous promotion of prefabricated decoration in the future, the overall background wallboard will become one of the necessary materials for the rapid whole house decoration and prefabricated decoration materials. However, there are few brands with unique styles in the application of the overall background wallboard at present. Taking olaiman as an example, the overall background wallboard will promote the development of the entire background wall industry

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