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Customized cabinets are now the favorite of many consumers, because they can be carried out according to their preferences and personality, and many people feel that customized cabinets can save money. Today, let's follow Xiaobian to see how customized cabinets can save money and what can't be saved

customized cabinets are now the favorite of many consumers, because they can be carried out according to their preferences and personality, and many people think that customized cabinets can save money. Today, I will follow you to see how customized cabinets can save money and what aspects can't be saved

cabinet is simply an inconspicuous thing for the overall home decoration. However, things with such a little space often account for a large proportion of the cost of home decoration. Ten or twenty thousand less, more than ten thousand. If consumers have an account in their mind, they can save a lot of money

I. strategies for saving money by customizing cabinets:

at present, cabinets in the market are measured in linear meters. Some brands of linear meters include countertops, while others do not. In addition to the basic cabinet body and cabinet door, there are many additional components of the cabinet, such as pull basket, cabinet support frame, handle and other hardware, which should be charged separately. These accessories need to be reasonably configured by the owners according to their own usage habits

for example, the support rod of the cabinet is indeed very useful, which can be operated with both hands, rather than supporting the cabinet door with one hand. Especially the housewives in Wenzhou are not very tall. The kind of electric or one touch open counter support rod is very useful, but the price is really expensive. If you don't plan to put commonly used things on the counter, you can save 500 or 600 yuan

then there is the shielding cabinet of the range hood. This part of the cabinet basically can't store things, that is, it covers the hose part of the range hood. Owners who choose the classical style of cabinets in Europe and America can hardly avoid choosing the hood of lampblack, while those in modern style or simple pastoral style can save this cost. Since this year, the use of integrated stoves has been very popular in Wenzhou. Whether the range hood is lower row type or side row type, it can solve this problem well and ensure the integrity of OTC listing

since cabinet manufacturers generally cooperate with kitchen appliances, there will be a relatively large discount if they order kitchen appliances from cabinet stores when selecting cabinets. If the above items are converted, it should be no problem to save 2000-3000 yuan

second, the parts that cannot be saved in customizing cabinets:

but it is not advocated to blindly subtract when buying cabinets

the most important part of the cabinet is the cabinet, and the component of the cabinet is the plate. According to technicians, the characteristics of high-quality plates are strong bearing capacity, not easy to deform, and less pollution. The cabinet veneer and edge banding made by regular manufacturers are completed by professional machines under high temperature and high pressure, and will not crack after long-term use. Relatively speaking, the price of high-quality plates is much more expensive than inferior plates. In order to save money, choosing inferior plates is not worth the loss

high quality hardware accessories can be opened and closed tens of thousands of times and are still intact. In terms of hinges, almost all cabinet hinges of major brands are made of cold-rolled steel by stamping at one time, with a thick and smooth feel. Moreover, due to the thick coating on the surface, it is not easy to rust, solid and durable, with strong load-bearing capacity, and there will be no loose closure. At present, Bailong is the most popular cabinet hardware accessory in Wenzhou, and Heidi poetry is more used in the overall wardrobe

summary: This is the introduction to the strategy of saving money by customizing cabinets. If you have more confusion about customizing cabinets, you can leave a message to Xiaobian below




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