The Chinese Poster Design of oshilai's wall cloth

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After the remake of "thousand and thousand searches" in China, the posters designed by Chinese designers surprised the eyes of the world. Come and have a look with osley wallcovering

during this period of time,

Chihiro and Chihiro

was released in China

this Hayao Miyazaki Animation, after nearly 20 years, is still a classic among classics, and it is worth adding a movie ticket to it

it will tell you that in this world, you can encounter opportunities, but never "God". You have to go your own way

it will tell you that

life is a train to the grave. There will be many stops on the way, and it is difficult for anyone to accompany you from beginning to end

and the classic sentence

you can't eat too fat. You'll be killed to eat

that mysterious town has taught ordinary children Chihiro courage, independence and kindness. Hayao Miyazaki, through this simple little girl, let us see the most true light of willfulness, and also tell us some truth about life

after the re screening in China, the posters designed by Chinese designers surprised the eyes of the world

night sky blue

deep blue tone

little starlight

the road ahead is confused

but you must not turn back

you can only go straight ahead

the charm of the dark Department

always has the magic of love at first sight

deep, mysterious, calm Independent

when doing collocation,

pay attention to using bright colors

to raise the temperature of the space

Morin - Herb

Jazz jungle - plantain leaves

fresh green

light green tone

represents a new life

Chihiro runs hard

is there an invisible smile on your face


Chihiro is running towards her hope

tender light green

new life is breaking through the earth

is hope

is also the source of endless life

the light green environment

makes people feel relaxed and happy Quiet and comfortable

suitable for use in a variety of spaces as the background tone



purple sky

layers of clouds

flowing lines

as if deep and mysterious

noble and mysterious colors

slightly gray

makes the wall look less saturated

but adds a bit of advanced feeling

suitable for rooms with sufficient lighting

it is not recommended to use the whole Space tiling


the most impressive supporting role in Chihiro

the dark body

is more prominent under the beige background

Beige as a neutral tone

versatile, simple, low-key Modesty

is a kind of background color that tends to be perfect

it brings endless elegance

gentleness to our years

suitable for large-area paving

(source of image and text: oshilai wall cloth, invasion and deletion)




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