The most popular YINGSHUO company studies law and

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At the end of May, YINGSHUO's management participated in the training organized by Shanghai law and regulation training center for industrial and commercial administration, systematically learned the company law, contract law, trademark law, advertising law, consumer protection law, anti unfair competition law and other laws, passed the examination and obtained the corresponding certificates

since its establishment, Shanghai YINGSHUO Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has attached great importance to integrity management. It is a relatively large pulling force company. The management believes that the enterprise should recognize integrity from the perspective that integrity is the foundation of survival and adopt the important value of plastic to manage every organizational system, every activity and every employee of the enterprise. The cultivation of integrity culture in enterprises should be integrated with every link of enterprise production and management to guide the management and development of enterprises with integrity. The richness and stability of integrity in management and development are not as good as the first drive system. In addition, the integrity of enterprises should be maintained and controlled. The establishment of enterprise credit is a long process. After the integrity is established, it needs to be carefully maintained and guaranteed and controlled through appropriate enterprise systems. Whether the integrity of enterprises can be sustained or not must be guaranteed through the establishment of corresponding systems. The law is the best tool to regulate and supervise enterprise behavior

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