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if someone asks you what friction materials are, you may be a little unfamiliar with this concept. But if someone tells you about brake pads and clutch pads, I think you must have heard that they are the two most important friction materials, which are component materials used in power machinery and rely on friction to perform braking and transmission functions

the brake pad is used for braking and the clutch plate is used for transmission. Any mechanical equipment and various moving vehicles must have braking or transmission devices. Friction materials are the key components of such braking or transmission devices. Its main function is to absorb or transmit power through friction, such as the clutch plate to transmit power, and the brake plate to absorb kinetic energy. They enable mechanical equipment and various motor vehicles to work safely and reliably, so friction material is a very important material

according to the data, 80% of the friction materials are used in the production of automobile brake pads. In addition, the vigorous development of China's automobile industry and the massive export of auto parts to the international market have brought unprecedented development space and opportunities to China's brake pad enterprises, and small industries are beginning to face great development

at present, China is the third largest automobile producer in the world, and the huge market breeds infinite business opportunities. China's brake pad Market is in great demand. It is estimated that the country needs about 80million sets of brake pads every year, and the market potential should not be underestimated

whether from the 11th five year plan formulated by China Friction Materials Association or the current development environment of brake pads at home and abroad, the development of Chinese brake pad enterprises is facing a rare historical opportunity. The limitless business opportunities not only enable the original brake pad enterprises to seize the rare opportunity to quickly improve their R & D strength and production scale, and quickly become bigger and stronger, but also many new manufacturers and enterprises engaged in the production and operation of friction materials have emerged. Therefore, the friction material market has not only infinite potential, but also fierce competition. Guangzhou Yishun friction materials Co., Ltd., established in 1997, has won its place in the huge market of friction materials through its continuous progress and development after more than ten years of ups and downs, and its development prospect is favored by the public

Guangzhou Yishun friction material Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production and operation of high-grade special fiber brake pads for various models, with an annual production capacity of 5million sets and 1500 varieties. In addition, the company has introduced advanced production equipment from the United States, adopted international advanced technology and special technology, plus imported raw materials, making the brake pads produced by Yishun company become a high-grade product with obviously superior other formula products in the world at present. Its brake performance is obvious to all and can stand your test

the advanced special fiber automobile brake pads produced by Yishun company have the characteristics of stable braking, long service life, no noise, no environmental pollution, no damage to dual materials, etc. It is the best choice for taxis and private cars. Besides finding out possible problems, Yishun has set up distribution centers in many cities for the convenience of customers

in addition to the brake pads, Yishun also produces brake discs, brake shoes, brake drums, rain environment test brushes and other products. The production and operation of various products are only for better service to your car and better guarantee your safety

every car has a brake. The brake is for people to drive more safely. The brake can be simply divided into drum brake and disc brake. In the past, the old car generally used the front disc and the rear drum, but now the new car generally uses the disc brake

the reason why the disc brake has gradually replaced the drum brake is that the disc brake has better heat dissipation than the drum brake. Under the high-speed braking state, it is not easy to produce heat recession, so its high-speed braking effect is good. Yishun company provides you with brake discs for various models, including the brake systems for Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, South Korea, Germany, Europe and the United States

how often will the brake disc be replaced when the sample breaks and stops automatically? Generally, it is determined according to your driving habits, the quality of the brake disc and the driving distance. You should regularly go to the 4S store for inspection, especially when the brake makes a strange noise. This is responsible for our safety and that of others

the society is progressing, people's living standards are also gradually rising, and the demand is naturally increasing. Therefore, in the future society, cars will be the most common means of transportation for people to enter everyone's daily life. With the increase of cars, the demand for brake pads will naturally increase, but they want to be invincible among many peers. Although excellent quality is the key, perfect service is the key, A high reputation is the two wings that drive an enterprise to take off

since its establishment, Guangzhou Yishun friction material Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the business philosophy of "survival by quality and development by reputation" for many years, so it has been supported and trusted by many new and old customers. In order to achieve better and more substantial development, Yishun company is now recruiting dealers in cities and regions across the country, and solemnly promises: large quantity is preferential! Yishun people are looking forward to your joining us, and even more looking forward to working with you to create a brilliant future with the focus on the industrialization of basic products of new chemical materials

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