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Printcom color solution

ink transfer standard

offset printing will have higher and higher requirements for standards, which will change the leading mode of printing workshop operation. The reason behind this is clear. The use of binding standards means that the results can be predicted and the quality can be compared throughout the Department, regardless of location or output equipment. The requirements of printing customers are more independent of the printing factory and the price, which is a decisive factor when confirming orders in the future. In the process from digital proofing to finished printing, there are many factors that will affect the final color results, including new ink varieties or the point gain caused by the change of ink overprint performance. Sometimes, users will submit data and samples to the printing press to deal with color specifications that are difficult to achieve on the printing press. No matter how you look at it, the flat printing effect of the printing machine is an expensive and inefficient process, which usually produces unsatisfactory results. If no matter what efforts are made for inaccurate positioning, the printing results cannot match the proofing, which will greatly open the door to complain. It has also obtained the provincial special fund for strategic new industries and the provincial special fund for the transformation of major scientific and technological achievements. Therefore, the reliability and stability of ink transmission are the most basic conditions for every printer


improve productivity throughout the value-added chain

carefully coordinate the whole printing process from prepress to printing

true color proofing

due to systematic quality control, the reliability of the process is increased and the quality is more consistent

the ink preset value is improved on the printing machine

provide some tools to support the calibration, characteristic documentation and control of the whole process

prime components:

prime signa station

prime Printready system

prime profile toolbox

prime calibration toolbox

prime metadimension

prime preview interface

prime CP2000 center

prime image control

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stable inking from the beginning

Yintong color solution can realize color loyalty in the whole workflow Reproduction. This solution provides a large number of VC reinvestment products and solutions, which can be used for true color and low-cost production. By ensuring that all components work together effectively and accurately, the system can get the most possible faithful reproduction of color, has the highest quality standard in the printing process, and has obvious advantages in production. These advantages can only be achieved by Heidelberg in engine experiments. Heidelberg is the only manufacturer in the world that can provide color management for the whole process from prepress to printing

targeted color management

proofing, printing plate and printed matter should have the same color effect. To achieve this, we need to look at the color from the point of view of the printing press and the interaction between the components of the above process. That is to say, the fingerprint of the printing machine should be integrated into the prepress stage, so that any change in printing conditions will be automatically reflected in the plate making process of proofing and plate printing

therefore, by integrating preset, measurement, calibration and characterization into one cycle, the desired inking results can be obtained

printcom color solutions in practical applications

perhaps you would like to know more specific examples of how this process operates? The integrity and printability of the PDF files provided by the customer shall be calibrated by using the Yintong yinyide system. Use the corresponding ICC feature file to adjust the color that cannot be matched by the current printing ink. Then the printable documents are output by printcom sky star for inspection on the proofing machine. The final simulation of the printed matter is carried out with the feature files that interface with the printing machine and proofing machine. If there is no problem with proofing, the data will be transmitted to the connected laser Imagesetter by printcom sky star, and then the printing plate will be made. The correct calibration feature is automatically selected

at the same time, Yintong man Tian Xing generates digital files with preset parameters, provides digital reference values, and checks the printing sheets through Yintong image control software. Proofs, plates and preset data are transmitted to the printing workshop at the same time. The printcom calibration toolbox and the printcom feature file toolbox generate different output conditions and calibration characteristic curves of ICC feature files. The measurement can be easily carried out by using Yintong image control software or other colorimeters

color fidelity in printing

next, the prepress interface calculates the ink coverage value of the ink area used by the printer according to the prepress data, and transmits these data together with the registration mark and other preset values to the prepress CP2000 control center. In this way, the ink feeding process is highly automated in the setting process, and the preparation time of the printer is greatly reduced. Select the correct ink preset value on the printer according to the ink and paper level used. If the situation of consumables is considered, the optimized inking can be achieved soon. At the same time, Yintong image control software receives the reference value from prepress, and generates digital signature samples accordingly. The measurement results during the production run are returned to the prepress through the printcom image control center, so that they can be adjusted after the production conditions change. Only in this way can the printing press be closely connected with the prepress stage to make a rapid response to changes in printing conditions

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