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Yingjie Electric: independent innovation breaks the long-term monopoly of the industry by imported products

liushiwei, Secretary of the board of directors and deputy general manager of Yingjie electric, introduced the development history of the company. Wang Bo produced China's first full digital polysilicon high-voltage starting power supply; The first set of high-performance 12 pair bar polysilicon reduction furnace power supply in China has been developed; Become the only supplier of power controllers for nuclear power plants in China; We have produced the first high-voltage power supply for high-power electron gun in China... Recently, we came to Sichuan Yingjie Electric Co., Ltd. located in Deyang economic development zone. It is learned that the enterprise has created a number of "first" and "only" in China, and has adhered to the development route of "independent innovation" since the failure of the source electromagnetic clutch

1996, Sichuan Yingjie Electric Co., Ltd. was established. Soon, the company welcomed its first development opportunity: it received a batch order for power regulators, which was also the first batch order of the company. However, problems also arise. Jinan experimental machine factory welcomes you to join the company. You have never made a power regulator before. What if you can't deliver the goods when the order is received? "There is no business without taking risks. We should trust our own technology!" The head of the company decided to take a gamble and signed the order. Finally, the newly established R & D team finally produced the first qualified product within the time limit specified by the customer through day and night research and by virtue of the pioneering spirit of the newborn calf not afraid of the tiger, which was recognized by the customer. Therefore, the company also reaped the first barrel of gold in the development process

through this successful trial, the main ring and the middle main ring can be circular or other appropriate sections: during this trial period, the company's product line focusing on power controller and industrial power supply manufacturing was formed. Since then, the company has been focusing on this field for more than 20 years, and has successively launched a full range of power controller products from analog, single function to digital, high-precision and multi-function to the market, The technical level has also reached the domestic leading level from the initial attempt

nearly ten years after its establishment, the company has encountered the bottleneck of development. Relying on power controller alone, the company has been difficult to expand its scale, and its sales revenue is only around 10million. Therefore, the company began to pay attention to the development of other industries

taking advantage of an opportunity from a Japanese customer, the company successfully developed the first monocrystalline silicon DC power supply in China in 2005, thereby entering the field of solar photovoltaic power generation and becoming a manufacturer of power equipment in this field. In 2007, the company successfully developed the first full digital high-voltage startup power supply system for polysilicon reduction furnace in China

before 2008, the reduction furnace power supply of domestic polysilicon projects was almost monopolized by a German company. In that year, the company successfully developed the first 12 pair rod polysilicon reduction power supply system in China. The polysilicon material manufacturer in Sichuan also gave the company the opportunity to try out its products, and finally beat the German company to sign a big order. The German company also lost the Chinese market due to the emergence of Yingjie electrical products, so it had no choice but to quit. Since then, the company has successively launched 24 pairs of rods, 36 pairs of rods, 40 pairs of rods, 48 pairs of rods and other reduction furnace power supply systems. A series of products have enabled the company to have a high market share in the power supply field of photovoltaic power generation material extraction equipment, and successfully completed the transformation and upgrading of the company

this successful transformation and upgrading made the company realize that replacing imported power supply is a good way for the company to innovate and develop, so it continued to look for more opportunities for innovation and development along this direction

Yingjie electric, as a research and development enterprise, has nearly one-third of the total number of R & D personnel. Relying on the "academician expert workstation", it has its own independent laboratory, and the proportion of R & D expenses continues to maintain a high proportion, providing material support for the enterprise's technological innovation. It is the enterprise's unremitting innovation that currently has 1113 patents, including 25 invention patents. From 2015 to 2017, Yingjie's sales revenue has increased substantially for three consecutive years

Yingjie has determined the development route of "independent innovation" since its establishment. For this reason, this small and micro enterprise with less than 10 people has been growing. With the help of the photovoltaic industry, it has developed a variety of industrial power supplies to replace imports, breaking the long-term monopoly of imported products in this field. Today, Yingjie has broken the monopoly of the United States, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and other countries in at least five segments

up to now, Yingjie's products have been widely used in traditional industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery and building materials, as well as emerging industries such as nuclear power, photovoltaic, crystal growth, semiconductor and special metal materials. It has successively provided thousands of sets of high-quality power supply supporting equipment for the production of monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon materials, LED (sapphire) manufacturing, TFT glass substrate, nuclear power, glass fiber and other new materials and new energy industries, The business area covers 32 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, and the products are exported to the United States, South Korea, Russia and other countries through supporting facilities

over the past 20 years, Yingjie Electric has grown from a self-made company to a leading domestic technology. The source power of the company is to always "adhere to independent innovation", take independent research and development and technological innovation as the core, and attach great importance to intellectual property protection, so as to improve the comprehensive strength and core competitiveness of the company

I learned that not long ago, the company was awarded the title of excellent private enterprise in Sichuan Province. "It is a great encouragement to the company and a full affirmation of the achievements made by the company in adhering to independent innovation over the years." Wang Jun, chairman of the board, told that recently, Sichuan Province and Deyang City have issued many policies to support the healthy development of private enterprises. Under the encouragement of this honor and policy, the company will not forget its original intention, continue to adhere to the spirit of innovation, further expand the market in the field of import substitution of industrial power supply and application of high-end equipment, and strive for better performance, He gave instructions to Deyang and Li Keqiang, the four Premier of the State Council, emphasizing that private enterprises in Sichuan should make more contributions to the development of Sichuan. (editor in charge: zhanghuawei, gaohongxia)

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