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Yingxuan heavy industry has entered the Middle East market with a large order of more than ten million yuan

yingxuan heavy industry has entered the Middle East market with a large order of more than ten million yuan

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with abundant oil resources, the middle east economy has become increasingly active. In the face of the increase of social infrastructure construction projects, the huge scale has attracted the attention of global construction machinery manufacturers to the choice of load deformation, load time and other curves. Seizing the Middle East market is an important strategy for Chinese construction machinery enterprises to expand overseas markets. For yingxuan heavy industry, the 50 loaders with a large order of more than 10 million yuan were settled in the Middle East market. This "pie" was connected by accident and accident. However, it contains necessity in the accident

love at first sight and laugh at marriage at the BMW exhibition first met in November, the biennial Shanghai BMW exhibition arrived as promised, made in China, and ingenuity returned. Yingxuan heavy industry, as a rising star in China's construction machinery industry, naturally cannot miss this feast. In Shanghai New International Expo Center, 3104 exhibitors from 41 countries and regions competed with each other to show their charm. Among the 191000 visitors from 149 countries and regions, yingxuan heavy industry in China was able to fall in love with Middle East merchants at first sight, which is not only the fate, but also the continuation of the miracle created by yingxuan spirit

on November 25, the first day of the exhibition, the booth of yingxuan heavy industry was already overcrowded, and an endless stream of customers came to watch the exhibition. In front of the slightly crowded booth, yingxuan employees smiled and answered all questions, striving to make every customer satisfied. At this time, three foreigners dressed in casual clothes walked into the booth, and the sincere and warm yingxuan people treated them carefully. Like ordinary customers, they simply asked about the products of yingxuan heavy industry, and then left. The next day, the three foreigners came to the booth of yingxuan again. The staff of yingxuan still received them warmly and had a preliminary understanding of customers. They came from a group enterprise with diversified products and several branches, and are looking for partners in the Middle East. "I came to your booth yesterday and saw your fashionable and Avantgarde product coating and appearance design. I thought it was a foreign brand." The customer said that on the first day of the exhibition, most of the enterprise booths were full of people. They had been to many booths, but they were deeply impressed by the enthusiasm and seriousness of the yingxuan employees, and they never forgot the fashionable yingxuan loaders. For three consecutive days, the three customers who came to the booth of yingxuan heavy industry to "check in" every day were deeply infected by the smiling faces and sincerity of the employees. After in-depth discussions with the business personnel on products, sales and services, the customers highly recognized the corporate culture and products of yingxuan heavy industry. The spirit of self-improvement and pursuit of excellence of yingxuan heavy industry made them decide to go to Weifang, Shandong Province to see yingxuan heavy industry with their own eyes

I fell in love with yingxuan's "strength" to conquer customers

on the fourth day we were still wandering around the exhibition, the resolute yingxuan people had come to the yingxuan heavy industry plant in Weifang, Shandong with three customers. High precision (National Standard Level 1 precision) the three customers have previously represented Japanese and Korean brand construction machinery products. They are expert users in the construction machinery industry. Therefore, they have strict requirements on product quality and reliability. During the visit to the factory, the customers appreciated the "one stream" production mode and advanced technology of yingxuan heavy industry. The fully functional production workshop, well-equipped manufacturing equipment, reasonable and efficient assembly lines and cutting-edge laboratories are all the best explanations for the excellent product quality. The customer gave a thumbs up when he saw that the products on the production line of yingxuan heavy industry, both the internal system and the product appearance, were all fine, focused and professional; Hearing that yingxuan heavy industry not only actively participates in international trade through exhibitions and other means, but also adjusts its product structure to meet the needs of the international market, customers nodded frequently. At the test site, the customers personally test drove various loaders, and their inquiries about the technology and details of various products of yingxuan heavy industry were also extremely harsh and cunning. The sales personnel of yingxuan heavy industry gave professional and comprehensive answers one by one. After that, the customer made a deal on site, selected yingxuan heavy industry as its partner, and immediately reached the cooperation intention of agent in the growth period

yingxuan heavy industry, which has been taking the loader as the leading factor and making every effort to build the loader industry base, has been continuously improving its independent R & D capability with the concept of focus, innovation and transcendence, focusing on green environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, strong power, reliability and durability, intelligence and informatization. At the BMW exhibition, the yx656v constant variable loader favored by yingxuan heavy industry was built by yingxuan heavy industry in cooperation with Parker, a world-famous hydraulic parts manufacturing company. As a result, from the first time that customers entered the booth of yingxuan heavy industry, to the first time that they entered the factory of yingxuan heavy industry, to the time when they really joined hands with yingxuan heavy industry, signed orders of more than ten million yuan and signed long-term agency cooperation agreements, yingxuan heavy industry once again explained "yingxuan speed" to the world in just six days. The customer said that the first thing that attracted them was the ingenious appearance design and product detail quality of yingxuan heavy industry products. Then the warm and sincere attitude of yingxuan people made them feel like a spring breeze. Finally, they made up their minds and saw the professionalism and attention of yingxuan heavy industry. Professional products and dedicated spirit; Professional production and manufacturing team, focusing on product R & D concept; The famous "yingxuan speed" in the industry is produced in this professional focus; Energy efficient products are produced in this professional focus; The enterprise spirit of "striving for excellence" is the most beautiful embodiment of this professional focus

we are determined to be prosperous in the future

the growth and success of yingxuan heavy industry are inevitable and accidental in necessity, just like the great wisdom of "fashionable appearance and strong internal" in yingxuan heavy industry products, through the upgrading and innovation of yingxuan heavy industry products that have interwoven glory and dream time after time, and through the spirit of perseverance, self-improvement and the pursuit of excellence of yingxuan people, The secret of the success of yingxuan heavy industry is coming out

at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, yingxuan heavy industries signed a large Middle East order worth more than ten million yuan, which is not only an incentive, but also a spur. It is the pride of yingxuan people and the pride of Chinese people that yingxuan heavy industry has successfully signed agency contracts with customers in the Middle East. Yingxuan heavy industry has enabled international friends to see the true made in China and Chinese power. Now, yingxuan heavy industry, which has successfully entered the Middle East market, has a broader international stage. With innovation as the guide, quality as the core, focusing on achieving the future, yingxuan heavy industry, which is "committed to building the most reliable brand in the field of loader manufacturing", has made another big step forward

in the future, yingxuan heavy industry will continue to adhere to the corporate mission of "leading the needs of customers, leading the ideals of employees, and leading the society", focus on the R & D and manufacturing of loader products, take innovation as the driving force, integrity as the foundation, win-win as the goal, use the innovation concept of endless innovation and innovation for practical use, uphold the ambition of self-improvement and the pursuit of excellence, and write a more beautiful chapter of international yingxuan heavy industry

"the company's senior executives said that the friendly reminder

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