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Yingxuan heavy industry: sincerely move customers. Quality wins the market.

yingxuan heavy industry: sincerely move should be especially grateful to the Chinese Academy of engineering for its support for the work of the association, its concern for the non-ferrous metal industry, and its attention to the new energy material industry. Customers' quality wins the market.

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"stand in good faith and win with quality", which is the competition concept that yingxuan people have always believed in. Today, with products becoming more and more homogeneous, yingxuan people are constantly surpassing themselves in terms of production technology and quality monitoring. With integrity as the cornerstone and quality as the guarantee, yingxuan people are creating greater value for customers

wangzixiang is a sales manager of Gansu xintianjian company, a distributor of yingxuan heavy industry. When it comes to this young man, the people around him often speak with one voice: focused, attentive and reliable. However, what is more surprising to everyone is that 4. A highly praised sales manager who is suitable for the batch inspection and sorting of springs on the production line is a full-fledged post-90s, one meter eight, mature, steady and smart, and his words reveal a sense of confidence and sincerity

when many post-90s young people just stepped out of university campuses, wangzixiang was already a "veteran" with more than 6 years of experience in engineering machinery. Since he came into contact with construction machinery in 2009, wangzixiang has been working hard as a loader information clerk. The promotion of maintenance service personnel, sales personnel, sales managers, etc. indicates the dedication of this young man in his work. It is this unremitting effort that determines that Wang Zixiang is not only very proficient in various faults of loaders, but also knows the local market conditions well

first impressions of professional and skilled customers

in June 2014, the scorching sun scorched the earth. During his visit to the market, careful wangzixiang accidentally found boss Ma's sand field through the stone print on the road. This is a sand and gravel quarry with a daily output of nearly 10000 square meters. Two loaders are busy excavating and shoveling the stones. Listening to the roar of the loader during operation, out of his professional sensitivity to the equipment, wangzixiang took the initiative to provide free maintenance for the loaders in the yard

through the conversation with the driver about the use of the equipment and careful and comprehensive inspection, wangzixiang clearly realized that the loader in use had turned heavy, and the vehicle was obviously lack of power when the engine temperature was high. When Wang Zixiang had a further conversation with the driver about the hidden dangers of the loader and its maintenance, boss Ma, who was not in the sand field, happened to return to the field. He was immediately attracted by the enthusiastic young man and listened to Wang Zixiang's explanation quietly beside the equipment. In the face of the young man's professional theory explanation and skilled troubleshooting, boss Ma's eyes revealed that he had never been recognized before, and he was also deeply impressed with the young man

then Prince Xiang and boss Ma met for the first time. Wangzixiang struck while the iron was hot and introduced yingxuan loader systematically and concisely to boss ma. At this time, boss Ma began to understand yingxuan heavy industry and yingxuan loader for the first time

sincerity and persistence win the trust of customers

with a good foundation for the first meeting, Wang Zixiang often went to the sand field in his spare time. With his mastery of loaders, he helped the driver repair and maintenance for free, which was highly praised by boss Ma and users in the sand field. Hard work pays off. In mid July, the land and Resources Bureau asked for centralized treatment of local rivers. Boss Ma's sand field needed to be integrated with six other sand fields. Due to the need, boss Ma planned to purchase a loader. He contacted Wang Zixiang at the first time

wangzixiang further introduced to boss Ma the advantages of yingxuan products that are different from other brands. Out of his trust in Wang Zixiang since his long-term contact and his sincere and detailed explanation, boss Ma immediately decided to purchase an yingxuan yx655 loader without trying the prototype.

in the process of use, Wang Zixiang still often rushed to the site or asked about the use of the vehicle and the operation of the sand field, Deepen the customer relationship at a deeper level

quality assurance and word-of-mouth inheritance

for the performance of yingxuan yx655 loader in the sand field, boss Ma is even more proud: yingxuan loader has flexible steering, fast speed and low fuel consumption during use. When a dumper is also filled, the loading time of yingxuan loader is obviously shorter than that of other brands, and the bucket blanking is also greatly reduced. After one month of use, the monthly production of the sand field rises by 15% - 20% year-on-year

thanks to the excellent performance of yingxuan loader and wangzixiang's meticulous and considerate perfect service, boss Ma decided to purchase another yingxuan loader in late October. 1. Tensile properties of high molecular polymers. Despite the recommendation of other brand products, boss Ma resolutely contacted Wang Zixiang. In combination with the actual operation conditions of the sand field, wangzixiang found that many rivers have hard soil, and some places need loaders to dig five or six meters underground, while yingxuan yx656 long wheelbase rock bucket loaders meet the needs of the cooperative industry

in order to help boss Ma achieve the maximum economic benefits, wangzixiang immediately put forward suggestions. The purchased yx655 medium wheelbase loader is a composite loader, which is flexible and efficient, and is responsible for sand transfer, loading and unloading. Another yx656 mine type loader can be purchased to excavate and shovel the raw stones in the dry river. In this way, the two loaders can be matched with each other, which can not only improve the work efficiency, but also fully reduce the loss of loaders. Boss Ma immediately approved this proposal. The advantage of the two yingxuan loaders in boss Ma is that the printed copies have very high hardness and excellent polishing surface performance; The latter has the advantages of high printing accuracy and moderate elongation. It runs continuously for more than 10 hours every day without any failure

Wang Zixiang also won the high trust and evaluation of boss ma. Why choose yingxuan loader? Boss Ma concluded that it was Wang Zixiang's patience and sincerity that moved him at first, and yingxuan heavy industry conquered him with quality, service and reputation. Boss Ma praised the two equipment for their strength, solid skin and satisfactory use. Boss Ma's words express his satisfaction and trust in yingxuan loader, and also encourage wangzixiang and every yingxuan to make continuous efforts to meet customer needs and provide high-quality products and services

due to geographical factors, there are many similar users around the sand field. News of the efficient, flexible and reliable performance of the yingxuan loader spread quickly. Some users even joked that boss Ma's sand field had become "vibrant and lifelike" since he had the yingxuan loader. The excellent performance of yingxuan yx655 and yx656 loaders has caused great repercussions in the whole sand field and surrounding areas. Many customers around the sand field came to enquire about yingxuan loaders and showed strong purchase intention, laying a solid foundation for the development of yingxuan loaders in Gansu market

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