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Jushi glass fiber laboratory received a funding of 2million

the Provincial Key Laboratory of Jushi glass fiber of Jushi Group Co., Ltd. received the first funding of 2million yuan. The laboratory will be equipped with a complete set of instruments and equipment for the research and development of glass fiber technology and the performance testing of fiber products. It is the Provincial Key Laboratory of the first enterprise in Jiaxing City, with units of Newton n, kn (also expressed by "kg, ton T, kPa KP", which can constitute the positive and slow speed of the performing agency). According to the construction progress and the situation of scientific research projects, the laboratory will also receive certain financial support every year

according to Jiaxing Science and Technology Bureau, in recent years, Jiaxing Science and Technology Bureau has worked hard to create a good atmosphere conducive to the innovation and development of science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, carefully organized and implemented various science and technology projects at all levels, and enhanced the independent innovation ability of enterprises. So far this year, a total of 31 science and technology projects in Jiaxing have received science and technology funding awards at or above the provincial level, including 4 national innovation fund projects and 9 major provincial science and technology projects. The implementation of these 31 funded projects will achieve good economic, social and environmental benefits

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