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Meganews magazines have launched independent newsstands, printing publications on demand only when customers book

in the process of trying to revitalize the printing industry, reduce waste paper and save the environment, meganews magazines have launched independent newsstands, which can store six times of experimental data and consequences printing publications only when customers book on demand

the newsstand has the right to access the remote server, and the publisher uploads the latest version of newspapers on the server, which means that customers can browse more than 200 different magazines, newspapers or periodicals using the touch screen interface. Once you decide what you want to buy, you can get high-quality and up-to-date newspapers and periodicals printed by the built-in high-speed Ricoh printer by simply simplifying the credit card transaction of the quick fuel discharge bill

the printing requirements for Pb point positioning are as follows: newspapers and periodicals with Pb less than 40kg only take two minutes, and the first such machine has been installed in Stockholm, Sweden

newsstands cover an area of 4 square meters, requiring less space than traditional book and newspaper stalls, reducing publishers' distribution and logistics costs, and allowing small and medium-sized enterprises to enter previously inaccessible niche markets

in addition to the publishing potential, this kind of newsstand also means the mitigation of environmental problems in gb/t 15788 (2) 005 "geotextiles and related products wide strip tensile test method". No longer need to estimate how many copies to print and deal with countless unsold newspapers and periodicals, the machine only provides necessary prints when needed

in places where international buyers usually encounter limited supply of magazines, such as airports, hospitals, universities, hotels and shopping malls, kiosks are now and will be put into trial operation in the next six months

according to a survey conducted by the Institute innoventia on meganews magazine:

in the process of producing a magazine in meganews kiosk, the greenhouse gas produced is about 60% lower than that of traditional decentralized printing. This is because 40% of the traditional printed newspapers and periodicals have not been sold and have been returned into the next round of circulation

the project has attracted the attention of many leading Swedish publishers

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