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Meili cloud organized the selection of "top ten most beautiful workers"

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labor is the most glorious and youth is forging ahead

in vibrant and prosperous may, the selection of "top ten most beautiful workers" themed by "war epidemic is stable 2. Adjust the stretching speed to the specified value and strive to be the most beautiful workers" is in full swing. The activity was jointly organized by the labor union and the Youth League Committee of the company. On the basis of organizing the preliminary recommendation of all units, the recommended objects of the selection were voted through the form of "Internet + selection", and the activities and recommended objects were widely publicized, aiming to sing the beauty of labor, eulogize workers, and stimulate the enthusiasm of all employees, especially the majority of young employees, to participate in the transformation and development of the enterprise

The activity of selecting the top ten "most beautiful workers" has received a positive response from the majority of employees. After voting by employees, the company's R & D team with Suzhou as the main body can quickly connect with suppliers all over the country, conduct strict inspection and careful selection, and finally produce 10 "most beautiful workers" including Di Haitao, Li Chunyan, Wang Jiaying, Lu weipeng, Lin Wenhua, Ren libing, Liu Shuo, Yang Xiaohang, shaoyajuan and Feng Liqing. Among them, there are old party members who are unknown and willing to contribute, and Young League members who are brave in innovation and keep improving. They have made extraordinary deeds in ordinary positions and set an example for the cadres and workers of the company

on May 6, the company held a "May Day" and "May Fourth" commendation meeting to celebrate the "May Day" and commemorate the "May Fourth" in the name of struggle and youth. At the meeting, Ren Lin, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of the company, presented prizes and certificates to the "top ten most beautiful workers"

read "send a letter to Garcia"

in order to carry forward the corporate culture concept of "civilization, virtue, natural selection, and new vision", create a good atmosphere for everyone to read good books, and promote the formation of a good situation of taking responsibility, paying close attention to implementation, and strengthening implementation, the Party committee of the company organized and carried out an interested solicitation activity of reading "send a letter to Garcia", and received a total of 98 contributions, After evaluation, a total of 23 excellent works were selected for the first, second and third prizes, and the authors were commended and rewarded

during the activity, everyone read carefully, and closely combined the spirit of flexible and efficient writing of the protagonist Luo Chengchang in the book with the successful development of 7075 alloy thin-walled profile structural parts for zizhongwang civil aircraft, which fully expressed the emotion of work and the spirit of operation, entrepreneurship and advancement of meiliyun, further demonstrated loyalty, dedication and implementation, and created a good atmosphere

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