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Meichen Heimei: against the market, Heimei toothpaste, founded in 1986, is not only a famous brand in Guangzhou, but also known all over the country a long time ago. Heimei, on the other hand, has been constantly leading the trend of toothpaste for a long time. Although it is an old brand, it is still glowing with youthful charm 20 years later. Under the strong marketing offensive of foreign brands, Heimei has become a unique landscape in the toothpaste industry with its unique fresh image. Why can Heimei stand firm in the surging market tide for 20 years? Our magazine specially interviewed Mr. Huang benjian, President of Guangzhou Masson group

this print: please introduce the basic situation of Masson and the development experience of the enterprise

Mr. Huang benjian (hereinafter referred to as Huang): the history of Masson company can be traced back to 1896, and it is one of the earliest professional toothpaste manufacturers in China. After several challenges from the market, the company has successfully jumped out of the single business model of toothpaste production through reorganization and reform. Now it has developed into a comprehensive high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the production and operation of oral care products, food additives, cosmetics and washing products, health food, modern Chinese medicine, high-tech separation technology equipment, and real estate management. Its core enterprise, Masson Group Co., Ltd., has two joint ventures: Masson Marketing Co., Ltd., Masson Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Masson high tech Separation Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Light Industry Research Institute, oral care factory, washing and cosmetics factory, food additive factory, Avon (China) Co., Ltd. and Huang Jianbao Health Products Co., Ltd. With brands such as Heimei, Yingu, qirixiang and meizhicui, which are well-known in China, Masson has become the national new separation technology productivity promotion center, Guangdong provincial key engineering technology research and development center, Guangzhou traditional Chinese medicine intermediate extraction base and Guangdong provincial technological innovation advantage enterprise

this print: as a time-honored state-owned toothpaste enterprise, how can the exposed sliding parts, gears, pulleys, etc. of Masson and Heimei 2.3 experimental machines be protected and installed to realize the transformation

Huang: Masson group is a traditional enterprise starting from a single daily chemical product, and it is also one of the earliest toothpaste manufacturers. As early as the 1980s, Masson realized that it was difficult for enterprises without famous brands to survive in market competition, let alone grow

therefore, the company sent 13 technical elites to visit foreign markets to understand the development trend of international toothpaste. Through sufficient market research, it took 2 years to finally develop the international flavor Heimei toothpaste containing oral cleansing element. This toothpaste adopts the international popular color black at that time as one of the main colors. As soon as the product was launched, with its strong sense of the times, coupled with the innovation and momentum in advertising, Heimei soon became known throughout the country. In the 1990s, the advertising film of the sprinkler that the vanadium value of Heimei toothpaste returned and was repaired to a certain extent was even more popular, leaving a good impression in the minds of people of that era

in 1993, Masson took the first step of property rights reform with a keen eye, and restructured into a state-controlled, employee owned joint-stock enterprise. After full ownership, the enterprise has made a great change. Employees' sense of responsibility and sense of ownership are truly reflected. As a way of property right system reform, employee stock ownership has taken root in the company. With the transformation of property right system, enterprises have more capital operation rights. As soon as the mechanism changes, the whole is alive. A modern enterprise system with clear property rights, separation of government and enterprises, clear rights and responsibilities, and scientific management has blossomed in the company, glowing with new vitality and vitality

restructuring is not an end, but a means. Restructuring can only build an incentive platform suitable for enterprises to participate in market competition and internal competition. Platform building is only the first step to complete the long march of enterprises. It cannot be completely reformed for the sake of restructuring. There are indeed misunderstandings that have been changed for hundreds of years. In fact, the modern enterprise management system established after restructuring and the continuously improved enterprise management level are the purpose

this print: Masson's information management has done very well in the same industry at home and abroad. What successful experience can we share

Huang: with the increasing scale and industry of enterprises, enterprise management must keep pace with the continuous development of enterprises. For this reason, as early as the early 1980s, Masson introduced computers to try information management. At that time, it spent 100000 yuan to purchase some computer equipment and began the experiment of computer management. Then it invested 1.5 million yuan to introduce computer equipment in 1989 and began to fully implement the process of computerized management. In 1993, after Masson was established and transformed into a joint-stock enterprise, in order to adapt to the compressive strength of construction materials such as mortar, this experimental machine is electro-hydraulic. In response to the requirements of modern management, the company vigorously promoted the application of computers, and then invested 2.5 million yuan to introduce notes to develop its own office automation system, so that the company initially formed a computer network, realized office automation, management networking, and implemented paperless office. In 1998, Masson introduced the most advanced enterprise management model enterprise resource planning management system (ERP system) in the world. SAP management system takes cost as the management core and sales as the management leader, which can more effectively improve the market adaptability of enterprises. At present, eight of the world's top 500 enterprises are using this system in Chengdu, and Masson is the first state-owned enterprise in China to use this system

after more than ten years of unremitting efforts, Masson has built a modern enterprise information management system consisting of ERP system, notes office automation system and international Internet business station, which is in the forefront of domestic enterprise information management. In addition, we should establish an executive management mechanism, streamline institutions, and implement flat management to ensure the simplicity and smoothness of the organizational structure. In recent years, we have been implementing the excellent performance management model throughout the group and constantly pursuing excellence

this print: can you talk about the characteristics of enterprises in scientific and technological innovation and how to maintain the stability of quality worldwide

Huang: to create Chinese famous brands and Chinese famous trademarks, we rely on a series of innovations and continuous integration of high-tech achievements to constantly meet the needs of the market and consumers. Just a few MV innovations on earth are the pulse of Masson, which has brought endless development power and vitality to Masson

high tech separation technology is an important high-tech achievement of Masson group's own knowledge industry. After more than 10 years of development, it has been industrialized, serialized and commercialized. Among them, supercritical carbon dioxide extraction technology and molecular distillation technology won the second prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award and the achievement award of the national key projects in the eighth five year plan. At present, the high-tech separation industrialization devices of Masson have spread all over the country, covering food, traditional Chinese medicine, petrochemical, wine making and other industries. The scale and output of the device ranks first in the country. More importantly, high-tech separation technology has become the core technology of Masson group. This core technology has promoted the development and transformation of various industries of Masson

technology is the primary productive force. Masson has seen the role of independent innovation and realized that the coordinated development of high-tech and traditional industries is the only way for enterprises to upgrade their industries and improve their competitiveness. Therefore, in its strategic planning, Masson will continue to adhere to independent innovation as the leading force, scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, and continue to grow stronger and bigger on the road of sustainable development

this print: please talk about the uniqueness of Masson's marketing and sales channels

Huang: in addition to finding some small and medium-sized dealers with considerable strength to become Heimei's new dealers, flattening the channel network, and means such as nanny sales assistance, market supervision mechanism, personalized promotion, differentiated products and cost compression, since 2006, the Masson group has joined hands with a number of multinational giants to enter the retail industry, opening the prelude to diversification, and completing the complete transformation from toothpaste veterans to retail cutting-edge

as early as last year, Masson and multinational retail giant Metro had signed an agreement to hand over the first floor of a building owned by Masson group next to B & Q in Yuancun, Guangzhou to metro for use after completion at the end of the year. In fact, this is not the first time that Masson has cooperated with multinational retail giants. As early as 2002, Masson has established a joint venture with B & Q, a building materials retailer subordinate to Cuifeng group in the UK, to jointly develop the Guangzhou building materials retail market

although the annual output value of more than 2 billion yuan of Masson cannot be compared with multinational giants, its growth is good, which is the premise for Masson to cooperate with many multinational companies. In addition, the full shareholding mechanism of Masson is favored by multinational enterprises. Most importantly, Masson also has the experience and concept of cooperation with multinational enterprises -- the cooperation between Masson and Avon, Hutchison Whampoa (China) and Colgate has been talked about by the industry. So far, Masson has carried out joint ventures and cooperation with 10 multinational enterprises. In addition, Masson is also a sap service provider

this print: please talk about the importance of packaging technology and outer packaging design to Heimei brand and even the whole Masson group

Huang: in 1990, after the launch of Heimei brand, orders flew in like snowflakes. However, the original narrow workshops and old production methods can no longer meet the needs of the market. After careful research, enterprise leaders borrowed 120million yuan from the bank six times to carry out large-scale technological transformation of the enterprise. On the one hand, the production area was moved to Tangxi, Xinshi, and five standardized industrial plants with an area of 31046 square meters were purchased; On the one hand, it introduces a set of the most advanced fully automated vme-2400 vacuum paste making and conveying system in the world; Three Swedish toothpaste high-speed filling and packaging production lines have been introduced, with an annual production capacity of 450million tubes. The scale effect, output value, output and labor efficiency have been significantly improved. Both the scale and quality have the conditions to compete with well-known brands at home and abroad

this print: can you describe the future development plan of Masson group for us

Huang: adhering to the purpose of producing and selling high-quality brand-name goods and creating a better life for mankind, Masson Group continues to build famous and high-quality brands and continuously improve its core competitiveness. In the rolling wave of economic globalization, based on product management, relying on scientific and technological innovation, expanding capital operation, and taking human resources as the foundation, Masson group rushed out of Asia, went to the world, opened up a new era of Chinese national brands, and achieved large, private High tech and international new Masson

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