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Metway: explore the new process of gearbox maintenance and move towards the new future of industry standardization

metway: explore the new process of gearbox maintenance and move towards the new future of industry standardization

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-- an exclusive interview with Huang HuLong, general manager of metway lubricants Trading (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

metway is subordinate to metway lubricants Trading (Tianjin) Co., Ltd, It is a brand of hilltop international lubricants Co., Ltd. hilltop international lubricants is a professional company focusing on the R & D, production and sales of synthetic base oil technology, military lubricants and automotive lubricants. It is a leading synthetic base oil and lubricant service provider. The meitewei brand automobile transmission oil sold in China is exclusively authorized by Daqing hilltop Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd. the display in the task station by meizai found that the actuator travel is only ± 10mm, and it should be ± 50mm under normal conditions. In order to show problems in the system setting, the system needs to be reset After resetting the travel of the actuator to ± 50mm, the displayed value on the display panel of the mission station is still inaccurate, so it is thought that this problem can be solved only by re calibrating the positioning and shifting system. Tewei lubricant Trading (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is exclusively authorized to sell the products, and the raw materials and technologies used in the products are all from the United States. Facing the new situation of China's automotive aftermarket, how does meterway, a newcomer to the Chinese market, show a new height of its brand and spread a new blueprint for the transmission oil market? At the 2017 Frankfurt exhibition, China lubricants information, the first portal of lubricants integrated with automotive and mechanical genes, interviewed Huang HuLong, general manager of meterway lubricants Trading (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., and conducted a special interview on meterway's brand journey

Mr. huanghulong, general manager of meterway lubricants Trading (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., and Ms. Li Xiangxiang, executive editor of China lubricants information, have a cordial group photo

challenge the industry potential. Meterway sword points to the transmission oil maintenance market

transmission, which is one of the most important components of automobiles. As an important part of vehicle power transmission, its structure is even more precise than the engine. In particular, the maintenance of automatic transmission is more difficult. Once it is damaged, the maintenance cost is often thousands or tens of thousands of yuan. Therefore, the daily maintenance of transmission by car owners is particularly important and must not be taken lightly

but looking back at the domestic automotive aftermarket, compared with the engine with high "exposure", the "popularity" of the gearbox was once snubbed. Strange technical terms, long oil change cycles, and the publicity of "lifelong maintenance free gearbox" by some manufacturers have made many car owners take it lightly. Fortunately, with the development of the times and the popularization of vehicle knowledge, more and more car owners begin to understand the importance of the gearbox, pay more and more attention to the maintenance of the gearbox, and the choice of gearbox oil is becoming more and more rational. Nowadays, the number of domestic cars is growing, and the demand for transmission oil is also rising. Transmission maintenance is becoming a new hot spot in the current after-sales market. This is the general trend of the development of the automotive aftermarket, and it is also the background of the time when meterway entered the Chinese market

Mr. huanghulong, general manager of metway lubricants Trading (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

metway lubricants booth style

how big is the domestic transmission oil market? President Huang made an account for us. Mr. Huang said that according to relevant statistics, the number of domestic small passenger cars was 145million by the end of 2016. According to this calculation, the annual demand of domestic automatic transmission oil is about 125000 tons by using the traditional gravity oil change method; Using the intelligent oil change method of exchanger, the annual demand of domestic automatic transmission oil is about 296000 tons. Measured by the market price of the above data, China's automatic transmission oil market has a scale of more than 20billion yuan, and its market potential is self-evident. Moreover, in the foreseeable future, China's car ownership will still show an upward trend, and automatic blocking will become more and more popular, thus driving the strong demand for automatic transmission oil

Mr. Huang said that all raw materials and technologies of meterway are from the United States, and all products have passed the inspection of the national petroleum product quality supervision and inspection center, and the quality insurance of 5million yuan has been carried out by PICC P & C. meterway is only to provide Chinese users with high-quality and safest automatic transmission oil products. At the same time, metway has been focusing on the promotion of gearbox maintenance concept and the research and development of gearbox maintenance technology, and pays more attention to adjusting measures to local conditions in the process of product research and development. While combining the advanced technology of the United States, meterway has also carried out technical cooperation with the school of chemical engineering of the China University of Petroleum (Beijing), the Chinese Academy of petrochemical Sciences, the oil Research Institute of the Chinese people's Liberation Army and other institutions in China, so as to make the products more meet the needs of the Chinese market

product display of meterway lubricants booth

president Huang introduced to us that at present, meterway's products include five series of 29 products, including automatic transmission oil, manual transmission oil, differential axle oil, transfer case oil and power steering oil, covering all transmission system segments; Meterway lubricant has passed the certification of API Sn, ILSAC concrete foundation horizontal leveling gf-5, and ATF dexron-vi speed automatic transmission oil of general motors. The product line layout is scientific and reasonable, and the product quality is technically guaranteed

it's as easy as maintaining the engine. Meterway promotes the standard process

in terms of market layout, meterway currently focuses on the medium and high-end field of transmission oil. Mr. Huang believes that the traditional gravity oil change method is difficult to protect the gearbox in a real sense because the oil change is not complete. In contrast, the replacement rate of the intelligent oil change method of the switch can reach more than 95%. At the same time, it can effectively clean and maintain the transmission, prevent the long-term accumulation of oil sludge debris from causing adverse effects such as gear jumping and slipping on the transmission, and make the transmission more durable. Metway is committed to providing Chinese users with the most perfect and comprehensive automatic transmission maintenance scheme, ensuring to provide Chinese consumers with a new experience of professional and high-end transmission maintenance

at present, meterway has formed a set of standardized operation procedures in the maintenance of gearbox. With the use of intelligent oil changers and professional auxiliary tools, it has reached the requirements of simplification and easy promotion, making the maintenance of gearbox as simple as the maintenance of engine. At the same time, meterway also provides partners with a full range of services such as project introduction, system training, technical support, advertising support, marketing promotion, etc. with professional technology and worry free quality, it completely relieves partners' worries

in the public report of the official media of meterway lubricants exhibition, 1 again emphasized the display of Taiwan products

in view of the new situation of gearbox maintenance in the domestic automotive aftermarket, meterway is fully grasping this historic opportunity with its high-end brand image, high-quality product quality, professional and considerate service. Mr. Huang revealed that although meterway started late in the domestic market and began to sell in the domestic market only in June this year, meterway quickly gained market recognition with its high-end brand image and professional service ability, and won the support of more than 50 dealers in a short time, covering more than 60 cities in 29 provinces (cities) across the country. With the original intention of providing perfect maintenance solutions for Chinese consumers, and with the goal of cooperating to explore the future and jointly create a new height in the industry, "metway's channel support is the largest among brands of the same level!"

industry review:

with the development of the times, the traditional lubricating oil industry has also come to the intersection of old and new roads. The extensive traditional development has been unsustainable, and standardization and intelligence are becoming the industry trend in the future. On the occasion of metabolism, metway has appeared in the industry as a high-end gearbox lubricant brand, constantly expanding the influence of the brand with strength, and promoting the latest development of the industry through standardized and standardized maintenance processes. Looking forward to the future, metway will take advanced technology as the engine, excellent quality as the support, and perfect technology as the guarantee, and is committed to providing the most perfect all-round automatic transmission maintenance solutions for Chinese users as early as 2016

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