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Mayer Futures: oil price rebounds ta809/811 fly together

oil price rebounds, ta809/811 fly together, 809 rose 96 yuan/ton to 9346 yuan/ton today; 811 rose 110 yuan/ton to 8286 yuan/ton

ta809 positions continued to decrease by 1232 to 130000 hands compared with Tuesday, and the trading volume continued to decrease by 2346 to 14000 hands

811 the position was basically unchanged from Monday, and the trading volume increased by 20000 to 68000 hands

in terms of main positions, Zhejiang Tianma multi positions increased 1000 hands today in 809, the empty list holdings of Dayue futures decreased by 1663 hands, and the empty list holdings of Donghai futures increased by 1925 hands; 811 is basically unchanged from Tuesday

the first level is the high-pressure sealing sleeve, and the purchase insurance and sale insurance are very close

with the slight reduction of positions, 809 has been shrinking and rising in recent days. However, from the perspective of the disk, the main force of multiple short positions has not yet made efforts, which also indicates that there will be a large shock at any time in the near future. On the surface, the holding of 7715 and 7713 multiple orders of Dayue futures and Yongan futures on 809, which are the absolute main short sellers, is conducive to stabilizing the rise of 80 CSR group's baybrand and Makrolon polycarbonate sheet 9 using Bayer materials technology, but at the same time, it will be the fuse that 809 will fall at any time. Whether the fuse will ignite will be decided by the main long short game, but investors should pay attention to it. The current price of 809 has released Zhejiang Tianma, but it is not enough to make it out smoothly. At this delicate moment, it is suggested that those who have long positions should still have them. Without participants, appreciation is better

judging from the trend of the past two to three trading days, the trend of 811 has strengthened. Due to the deformation under the load of ta809/8 - measuring the ability of hard plastics to withstand permanent deformation and the ability of non hard plastics to restore their original shape after deformation, 11 the difference is more than nearly 1000 yuan/ton, and the price difference between 811 and spot is also close to 600 yuan/ton. Under the background of stabilizing oil prices, the possibility of recent decline of 811 has been very low. It is suggested that 811 short order holders can consider reducing their positions and going out, Those who do not enter the site will consider multi order intervention

recently, under the general environment of stable fundamentals, we should pay close attention to the trend of overnight oil prices

note: in connection with some rumors of today's sharp rise in the stock market, Li Keqiang's recent instructions to expand domestic demand and the macro policy guidance of "one guarantee and one control" some time ago, we can also boldly guess that China's economy will grow faster than the first half of the year after the Olympic Games. As a labor-intensive industry in China's economy, the textile industry plays a decisive role in improving people's livelihood and expanding domestic demand. At present, it is relatively deflationary. In the next time, it should be an industry with a better trend

in this context, it may be considered that the fundamentals of PTA may also be improving, and it can be strategically long on ta811

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