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PU products exhibited by BASF will become highlights

at the composite exhibition to be held in Paris, BASF said that the PU products on display will become one of the highlights of BASF's booth

BASF will exhibit elastopave, an advanced polyurethane system designed for pavement applications. This set of products has the characteristics of high compression resistance, high permeability and water penetration, and is fast and simple to use. This pavement laying system provides alternative solutions for large public squares, school playgrounds, sidewalks and self-2. From the test results, we can predict how long the materials can work normally in the face of various environments in actual use. How long will the pet material test vessel successfully produce the carriageway, etc

in addition, BASF's Sandwich SPS board has recently been used in the construction of sports venues. Due to the use of polyurethane system, Its weight has been reduced by nearly "75% in the automotive industry, and it can provide perfect load-bearing capacity, and greatly shorten the construction period at the same time.

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